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Women in Kashmir

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

February 2021

Blood red streets

A dark sky

A women in chains

Against heartless oppressors

Raising slogans of

Freedom and Justice

Beaten and bruised

Without mercy

This is the story of

Kashmiri women.

Decades passed

But the struggle

Fresh as ever

Like Asiya and Nahida

Locked in prison

But everyday their passion

For freedom grows

And Inspires

Future generations to fight

For their rights.

Dear ones

They have lost

Fathers, sons and husbands

Rapes and atrocities

They have faced

But they are still

On the ground fighting

Like Sofi and Naseema

Standing up to unjust rulers

And illegal occupation

Of their homeland

Despite loosing everything.

This fighting for truth

They took from

Holy women of Karbala

The way Zainab(RA) and Sakina(RA)

Stood upto Tyrant Yazid

Women of Kashmir

Are fighting present tyrant

And through

Their willpower and determination

Will be victorious

One day.

So keep the struggle going

Mould yourself

In model of Bibi Fatima(RA)

No matter the difficulties

Or how many lives lost

Women in Islam

Fought along with men

Like Khawla(RA) and Summaiya(RA)

When needed

So be prepared to fight

Against all odds

For one day

You will succeed

My dear women

And Kashmir will be

A free land.

Summiaya Nilofer Kichloo is a student from Kishtwar district of Chenab valley. Besides she is an avid writer and enthusiastic to writing poetry and fiction. Her poetry covers a broad range of ideas, thoughts and philosophies. Currently she is working as a freelance writer & columnist.

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