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This poem was recently chosen as an 'Editor's Choice' Random pick because it is profoundly meaningful. The poet is certainly compassionate and empathetic toward women with a keen ability to understand and show his own perspectives.


They call me a woman and not a human, I am fixed Like a portrait on the walls of society For there are only few spectators to see, and enjoy my show. I had carried and still do carry his mightiness, Once like a daughter and once like a spouse, with no difference at all. They have painted me, and call me possessive, They have uprooted me, and call me emotional, They have planted me, and call me mendacious, And made me 'what I am not!' Woman is not born but created, out of their conscience, with some exaggerated corroboration, To label her as a thing, to play with, A thought, never to feel, A feeling, never to adhere, And an idea, always to imagine. © SAHIL MUDASIR

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