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© Joey V. Fernandez

War is evil personified,

While peace is goodness bonafide.

Creation is out of love and peace.

As destruction from war is evil unleashed.

Though mankind was created to undergo tests,

Destruction isn't one and shouldn't be a man's behest.

Just as love and peace is for the preservation of His creation,

Hate and war may mean its eradication.

War is like anger uncontrolled,

And solving problems shouldn't be in this mold.

Peace, on the other hand, is a fruit of humility,

Which should always be inculcated into our humanity

Peace can be achieved and maintained

In manners not antagonistic but contained.

Countries and nations can be at peace,

Through talks and ways that appease.

Man's wisdom should always be used with love,

And not through manners as if it's his and not from above,

Past world wars, pandemics, and famine should have taught us lessons,

That only God's mercy and love keep our life and at peace for a reason!

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