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Visual Arts: Paintings and Handcrafts

From June 27th to July 27th, we chose as "Best Entries" various artists for their paintings and handcrafts to feature here, on ILA Blog. The paintings are exquisite, the handcrafts are quite detailed.


Art by Imran Kashmiri from Pakistan. Oil on Canvas. Size: 2x3 feet. Title: "Girl"


Art by Vincente A. Valdez, Jr. from Canada. Acrylic on Canvas. Title: "Roses"


Art by Elaine Yanni Fink from USA.


Art by Amitabh Mitra from Eastern Cape, South Africa. Impasto Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 20"; Title: "Sand Dunes"


Art by Giuseppe Iannarelli from Italy. Pencil on sketch paper; 21"x 29.7"; Title: Portrait of Mauro Corona


Handcraft Art by Deepti Shakya of India. Description: "Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Materials used: Different wool colors, cotton canvas for cross stitch work, cross stitch needle, etc.


Handcraft Art by Deepti Shakya of India. Clay work/Sculpture; Description: Plaster of Paris for leaf and M-seal (Air dry clay); Title: "Lord Ganesha"


Acrylic Art on Canvas by Shenni Waldron. Title: "Solitude"


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