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Visual Arts Feature

During the months between May 28th and June 11, we held a Visual Arts and Photography Recognition and here, with many more to follow, we present the “Best Entries” chosen to be featured.


IMRAN KASHMIRI, from Pakistan won the top, prestigious premier male artist award for his oil painting on canvas, 18”x24”; Title: “PRINCESS with CAT”


ANNE MAUREEN MEDRANO ESPERIDION is both a multitalented writer and Artist. She placed first alongside IMRAN, and won the Prestigious Premier award Female Artist for her Acrylic painting “GOLDFISH”, below:


"Voluptuousness", Black and White Pencil Drawing, 21"x29.7" received Prestigious Premier Award Male Artist in Pencil Drawing. Artist: Giuseppe Iannarelli from Italy.


Oil Painting of "Mother and Child" received Masterpiece Award Male Artist: Kalucharan Sahu.


Painting on wood surface. Title: "Recif", (Underwater Series); Medium: Mixed Media, 11.5" x 14.5", receiving Masterpiece Award, Female Artist: Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, from the Philippines.


Glass Painting by using water-based glass colors, black and golden 3D glass liner on a OHP or glass sheet. Title: "Lord Buddha", winning the Masterpiece Award Female Artist: Deepti Shakya.


Painting using Picsart and Prisma App. Artist: Real Lemancy Hadejia, won the Distinguished Male Artist Award.


Painting of a girl looking out the window at geese. Artist: Oleksandra Babiichuk, won the Distinguished Female Artist Award.

Oleksandra is from Vancouver, British Columbia.

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