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Visual Art/Poetry

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Theme: "Angel at Rest"


Visual arts have always had a profound impact, yet there are those rare moments when a piece of art truly speaks to both heart and soul. It's as if the colors, shapes, textures and tones come alive, telling a story, whether by art itself, or through the artist, resonating deep within. And with visual arts, it also has the power to transcend language and communicate directly to the poet. Once inspiration settles in, nothing stops the poet from creating remarkable work, speaking volumes without uttering a single word, yet it is an invitation to explore creativity into thought-provoking emotion in ways ever imagined. By encountering a piece of visual art, poets can certainly journey into moments where it speaks to heart, mind or soul, prompting the creative spirit. Visual art speaks to poets in a language that transcends every day words into something more profound.

Recently, between August 26 - September 23, 2023, we offered our ILA Facebook Group poets a monthly visual art poetry challenge, the theme from ILA Contributing Editor, Carl Scharwath's paintography titled "Angel at Rest." Carl chose three Best Entries to be published here on ILA. Poets had the option of using his art title as their title of a poem or as some type of inspiration from his visual. When art speaks, it has the power to change and many writers/poets of our ILA group truly use their "Meraki" daily, when it comes to writing poetry, whether with a visual or without. Although we had twenty beautifully written poems and wish we could publish all, Carl chose the best entries that seemed to flow well with his paintography, which we will showcase at closure of this feature.


"MY ANGEL IN MEDITATION AT REST" It was on my part sudden soulful feeling Seeing my love angel in such a situation It brought my heart feelings so strangely That angels too really need rest and silent medittion My swooning heart submerged with great hope As turmoil and sadness envelop my whole Perhaps he was just in a silent punishment Or had just disobeyed a special commandment Angels manifest their heavenly powers Protecting each of us against all evil Presence is felt whenever we're in danger Nourishes souls with wisdom of their nature Reflecting patiently while at his rest And succumb leniency of peace is always fortified Breath of my freedom and voice of his wisdom Enliven in my heart and flourish me with his peace of mind My sweet angel in his realm now lurking His protection comes in his love for human Patiently flowing in his splendid thought with charm Though in trice at rest and in meditation Holy supremacy remains in his nature's salvation throughout. © ZENAIDA LARAGAN TALOZA ITALY


HAIBUN POETRY FORM: "WITH CUTE ANGEL IN SLUMBER" A while ago, I saw this cute angel, now I noted she's in slumber. As she is sleeping, with smile so beguiling, ah, an enthralling smile. In my introspection, it comes deep to my notion, with questions. Is she dreaming of me? I wonder? Being I am cute like her, it could be wonderful if it is. So, as we can talk to each other, in the dream domain, how great it is in the moments of imagination and blends with their divine and spiritual insight, she will cite. As advised to lift my spirits high to Holy faith, for she is emissary of God. Let me have the sweet nectar of wisdom. It will be a blissful scenario to have, along with my rumination. Angel in a dream, In nice domain within dream Our storytelling © ENCY BEARIS US


"REMINISCING ANGEL" In the realm of dreams, where memories roam, There lies a tale of an angel, gentle and known. With wings of gossamer and a heart so kind, She wanders through time, in the corners of the mind. Reminiscing angel, with eyes so bright, Guiding us through the memories of day and night She dances amidst the stars, her presence divine, Whispering secrets of love, like a mystical sign. In the depths of sorrow, she offers her embrace, With ethereal grace, she brings solace to our space. Her touch is a balm, healing wounds unseen, As she wears through the tapestry of what has been. She carries the echoes of laughter and tears, As she floats on the breeze, transcending all fears. She paints the skies with hues of memories past, Creating a mosaic, a lifetime that will last. Through the corridors of time, she gracefully glides, Unearthing forgotten treasures, where love resides. She reminds us of moments, both big and small, The cherished memories that still enthrall. Oh, Reminiscing Angel, your presence is a gift, A celestial melody, our spirits, you uplift. You hold the power to heal and to restore, As you guide us through the memories we adore. © OLUWAFEMI OLUWADAMILARE ABRAHAM (King Drey Phemy) NIGERIA


Below, the paintography (a combination of photography and painting) by ILA Contributing Editor, artist, poet, Carl Scharwath and the inspiration that sparked the poets, titled, "Angel At Rest."

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