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Using Parataxis in Poetry

PARATAXIS is a figure of speech or literary technique involving the placing of words, phrases or sentences next to each other without the use of synchronizing conjunctions (words that link other words and phrases together). PARATAXIS is a writing style giving equal importance to each element, creating both flow and effect. It is found in diverse works of literature, prose, poetry, slogans and phrases. Parataxis is utilized to create and emphasize THOUGHT-PROVOKING, unrelated imagery. I have observed this in several poems written by many poets. It is often used in rhetoric style, in delivering speech, sometimes presenting concepts one after another with logical connections, sometimes even in simplifying language, in playful, fun or in a simple manner.

Parataxis in Poetry is often used as 2 different objects or concepts written side by side. The juxtaposition between entities gives rise to the readers to make their own interpretations. We recently offered this technique to poets. They were given the option to write prose, poetry or a passage using this particular technique in short, simple sentences without conjunctions, in vivid imagery and/or in metaphorical expression. Out of the 16 who entered, ILA Magazine chose 8 poets to be featured.


"In Cadence is the Verity"

All that was All that is All that will.

© Ernest Kemedikumo Clinton




a gray day

a silent whisper

the black snow

the beethoven moonlight

a wandering crow

those two eyes

a blurred window

an empty room

and the paralyzed hope

© Mehran Hashemi



"Whispers of Nature's Silent Song"

Misty morning, quiet meadow,

Soft whispers, dancing shadows.

Gentle breeze, a robin's song,

Sunrise paints, a world reborn.

Leaves rustle, secrets unfold,

Raindrop symphony, stories untold.

Babbling brook, winding path,

Moonlit dreams, a starry bath.

Silent echoes, a poet's sigh,

Canvas of stars, a cosmic tie.

Serenade of night, woven dreams,

Infinite sky, where wonder gleams.

Amidst all, fragile hope,

Junctions weave poetic depth.

© Concetta Pipia



"Life's Journey"

Cocoon. Fresh. Soared.

loved. risked. victorious.

unscathed. scars. triumphant

drowned. breath anew.

she lived. they relieved

chances taken, odds met

life's journey, no regrets.

© Rosemarie Miranda



"Moments of Our Lives"

Moments of our lives

Swift flowing rivers

Transient travelers

One-way ticket holders

Returning never.

These precious times

Ride it pen in hand

Savor all flavors

Paint vivid images

Store in caches.

Sail in its waves

Surf its high crests

Hide in its troughs

Leave the debris

Under the depths.

© Myrtle Eve




She sat, she stared, she heaved, she swung, she slipped, she rose

She ogled, she smiled, she prayed.

She dared, she blared, she cheered

She moved, she wooed, she exuded

Composed writ of will power.

© Shiv Raj Pradhan

Siliguri, West Bengal, India



Crisp cool air

Sky so blue

Kaleidoscopic beauty of nature

(Parataxis Poem)


We fought, survived, cried

Took risks, many chances lost

Contemplating, giving it a try

Reciprocity living in harmony

Like a cacophony, silent scream

Hidden away, in numbness angst

Found some wisdom to be strong

Tread into clarity, optimism spell

A milestone trekked journey

Delighfulness wrapped around

Passing the odds and ends

Rejoicing to a triumphant life

© Gloria Magallanes-Loeb



"Red Tulips"

My love is as deep as dying

Mounting on a winged horse

I came down flying with the wind,

Even the moon seen daily is untrue

And the eyes search for the stars

shimmering in the Orion blue

Dreams of my heart gives me no pleasure

Garden of red tulips, withered

and the tiny grass was adamant,

Return back my stolen thought

My heart is in a frantic fosse,

As darkness say the dawn shall not come again

My silence fades into shadows,

I wander around like a lonely traveler in bane

Lost in the jungle of love, thorn in wane.

© Sheila Ann



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