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Unwrapped Novel Gift

My fortress fave song for Christmas season Can't hold back the rhythm 'till my Savior was born The melodic sound of His company Resides within the brokenhearted of many Wishing upon dim stars: meaningful gifts! Only desires of my Holy lips Oh You! Singing vibrantly, lonely all year long Which I thought I truly belonged. Catching every opportunity of heaven and life Given these trying times, you're my accidental light! Brighter than ever, lonely stars at night Only your hugs, my need, so tight! Decades can tell the unsung hymns of wavering hearts, Nobody can expound even Da Vinci's form of art.

Trying to voice out the universe! Still poetic Tefillah, you're being is its verse. Here again! Composing heartfelt music To a same-old gallery, mosaic - An abstract earshot of your keynote drifts: Still, my best unwrapped novel gifts! © Mark Allen Lambino Lacadin

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