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Featuring poetry and 'Short story-to-poems' of Danny Best.



Yet another setback to have to deal with, after several others already. Life can seem so very frustrating and so completely unfair. If only I had someone to help me I thought, someone to direct me as I'd so often prayed for. Someone to guide me so I'd get everything right the first time.

It would really make my life so much easier and help to encourage me to keep trying even harder "if only" (I'd kept whispering to myself) while nuzzling my sleepy head down into my pillow.


I stumbled upon my Guardian Angel

last night she was veiled in the faint golden shadows

of a dancing quavering candlelight and I could hear her whispering softly

everything will be alright

sleep tight...sleep tight

everything will be alright

then I beheld a bright wide sweeping flash

blinked hard

and watched her calmly take flight


I had stumbled upon my Guardian Angel

last night


everything is alright...everything is alright

© Danny Best (Sandman the Dreamer)


THAT 'OL BUBBLE GUM MOON (A Children's Lunar Tale) by © Danny Best (Featured on slideshow, only and below)


What's A...MoonBow by © Danny Best (Future on slideshow, only and below)



he was drained and shaken from what he'd hoped was just part of a bad dream steeped in grave sorrow and dread stunned by a loud crack and a blinding bright light followed by shadowy images that bled a low-pitched hum of predatory blow flies hailed from either side of his drooping head bussing their way along the fold of his ears telling him to go where his fallen brothers have fled he desperately wanted to message a warning although fearful it would never be read having been put down in a scorched field of ruin where only the elite of the dark side now tread

wondering why was everything moving so slow and why wasn't he able to just get-up instead along with the heavenly angelic sound of harp strings encouraging him to concede and accept he'd been shot and was dying and that soon he'd be dead and there was that horrendous burning in the pit of his stomach from a well defined pattern of hot spattered lead which caused him to then realize he'll never get the chance to say all of those things that he now wished he had said

THE SOLDIER Then recalling a simple prayer that he had wrote and sent home to his Mother a few nights ago "A Soldier's Simple Prayer" that went like this: If you should find me wandering amongst your daily cares as far away as I may be please know that I'll be hoping that somewhere in your silent prayers you'll be putting in a good word for me

© Danny Best



As our planet sadly seems to have become so much more inhospitable to humankind with one new virus right after the other to contend with, that is just as bad or possibly even worse than the last one that we thought we might have finally gotten under control, there also still remains all of those other ever present diseases that we've already been dealing with on what seems to have become an even broader and more expanded scale.

I believe as do so many others of my fellow beings that most if not all in our medical communities (The Healers) strive everyday without fail to do their very best to help each and everyone of us in anyway they can. Simply because they want to and/or simply because they believe it to be their own sacred duty by oath or just by a knowing from within that this is why they are here, because, this is their mission in life.


Thank You Universe

things don't always seem to go the way I want then too sometimes the universe tells me I have something else to do so I don't always get to be where I think that I should be but instead somewhere else with someone else who simply needed me thank you universe

© Danny Best

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