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This is the only dead nation

That enjoys Allah's wrath

They believe dry winters

Potent therapy to their lands

Wanting hustle and bustle thrive

Through out the year in Bazaars

Though that's a need too

Accidents of this negligence and antithesis

Happens to happen

Against every season

Winters without precipitation and snowfall

With an ill hope that Springs bloom

And Summers cloudy, cold and full of rain

And the Fall with elephantine harvest

Richness of science and hollow reason

But they remain forever fools

Our good, great ancestors

Where better equipped with rationality

Sapiens of this wise era

Say... thank God it didn't snow at all

It is not raining in March and April

When the water bodies dry and leaves wilt

This deformed species begin to wail

Without any sorry and consideration

Upon the ethereal glow that spread on their faces

During the dry winters and now when

The wrath elongated into the Spring

Bountifulness of Summers came to halt

Weak waterbed couldn't beatify

Sun-baked canopies.

Everything around us is designed

With a divine plan

Imagine how ugly it would be

If a girl bear mustaches

Or a boy gets girly voice

So every season has its own grace

Snowy Winter and Springs raining

Hot Summer but dry Autumn

Is that divine plan

And how can a man of clear wisdom

Consider himself at solace

When everything is at odds.

©Kawsar Khalil

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