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The Investment of a Poet’s Heart

I discovered each of us,

taking a dip in a pool of eloquence

Each of us, yet an unnamed muse

No! Both of us never willing to be used.

It's all for a noble poetry or for a greater glory.

But tell me, how do you withdraw?

All these year's too high an investment.

In both of our good memories and intentions.

I can see, you took a plunge.

Maybe in seeking a grand chance,

But beware, we need a perfect balance.

So much treasure well kept, and built up.

Imagine, all these years, how it accumulated.

Saving so much love and trust in our bank.

Also, of too much value on respect.

I wonder when can I also collect?

My other half of our joint investment,

An asset from both of us, compounded.

Anyway, Im happy, it didn't gain futility

Still, you are to me, never a liability,

But a very viable treasure, a rare asset

I treasure you all these years.

i just hope, we could both benefit.

This investment of hearts between two poets.

©️ Mildred DJ Par

July 2022

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