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The Five Senses

The five senses, given as a challenge to poets by our friend and fellow poet, Mr. Steve Lyman, who passed away on June 2, 2024 and as a tribute to this poet, ILA Magazine begins by highlighting his poem along with ONE 'Best Entry' we chose to be featured here.


My eyes tell me exactly what I see With the looks that envisage life's beauty

Pictures and writing TV and food They stare or shine depending on my mood. Fingers feel everything around Touching revelations of what you've found Everything touched throughout the day Senses of things we hold Whether they be hot or cold... Noses now, they've many uses Smelling aroma of coffee and juices The lingering sweet scent of nature, too And the bad smells like car fumes and cows poo... Mouths are used for eating and tasting

And lips that kiss send our heartbeat racing

Talking is our communication every single day

Smiling, laughing and singing in our emotional way...

Ears are used for listening to sound

Our pleasure for everything that's around

A mechanism of understanding danger

When you hear a sudden scream or the voice of a stranger...

We use our five senses the whole day through

They're the mechanical cogs for all that we do

Feeding information to the mind and the heart

But we all have our own system that sets us apart

© Steve Lyman UK



Holding you in my arms Your velvety touch The intoxicating fragrance of your body, your hair and your breath I looked at your face so beautiful, so divine Your slightly parted lips, inviting I couldn't resist the temptation Your lips tasted like elixir You whispered musically "Put out the light"

I spread my palm toward the moon and said, "Ok, done."

The zephyr around us, amorously breathed "Oh Wow...what a treat of sensuousness"

© Kumar Malay


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