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The Best of Two Minds

Recently, ILA Magazine offered a "Word of the Week" Prompt Challenge with a catch. Rather than posting the words, we kept "scrambled" (definitions were included but not aside the words). The Words given were ennui, milieu, nonchalant and facile. The requirement for poets to write a poem using all four of the words, and from the entries, we chose two.



My milieu at best, Defined my manner true, Nonchalant I became, And it only grew, Soon to languish in ennui, Before I knew, My victories facile, Merely a diminished life Now In my view! © Prakash Nagarajan India


Amidst the milieu of snow she glides with facile sweep verging on nonchalant grace and she relieves me, her spectator by chance, of ennui as does a morning song. © Loreta C. Bande

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