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Short Story Poetry

On April 19th, our Facebook Group Administrator, Sir Mushtaque B. Barq, offered a Themed Prompt to write a short story in poetic form. Out of the countless responses received, seven were chosen and published on ILA Blog.


A Train To Somewhere

I remember my grandparents’ enclosed porch, their Boston Terriers nipping at my heels as I entered the yard.

I enjoyed the reminiscences, repeated at each visit. I reveled in the laughter that ensued after each anecdote about my childhood was concluded.

The story I remember most today is the one about my lone field trip, at the age of three, to the neighborhood railroad tracks. Little me, found by frantic people and returned home safely.

In later years, my grandmother, Alzheimer ridden, was found wandering those same railroad tracks by equally frantic people.

I’ve wondered since if we were looking for the same thing. © Linda Imbler


The Plight of a friend

The night was dark,he was astray I lit the lamp to guide his way I dressed his wounds ,to ease the pain But choice wasn't his ,though he wish to stay

He hanged around just for the night. He shared his hopes,his thought his plight His restless pursuit for the brightest light But the day ended he lost the sight

In the silence of the night He broke down and scream Tears flowed out like endless stream " Oh Lord MY God" don't take away my dream Or my own people will treat me with disdain

The day he left he waved in vain On his face mirrored the sadness and pain Another chapter of his life closed ,but didn't attain His utmost goal remain ... A dream

© Banjie Romulo



You speak in silence and you wait for an answer .You knock the door of emotional heart,but you need the spring..Life you ask and dont to sing with the ungly loneliness...You listen the silence when your fears wear the clothes of the rain...When the silence perfumed with the aroma of happiness then you understand the meaning of life...Life is the sunshine soul with the beauty of kindness!

Πέτρος Βελούδας (Petros K. Veloudas) Greek Poet


When Life Knocks On Door

And you suddenly came in from nowhere land

making me happy.

Why is the world so mean that I was to be alone?

I say to myself And my hope turns Into a (un)-hope

"Why is this world rubbish

where I can not be a happy"

I say to myself I say to the world I need to pray For myself And life knocks on the door Slammed first of all And lastly Kills me My love Forever Again.



My First Wristwatch

When I was young I did not have a wristwatch I was contented that my arm has nothing attached I just thought that perhaps having one is really fun It never bothered me even if I did not have one

From my auntie’s retirement pay, she bought me A Timex watch, when I was studying at the university I was really delighted for at last I have a wristwatch But I must be careful so it will not be snatched

My first wristwatch was a memento that I treasure Though it was simple and cheap, it gave me pleasure We stayed together for quite a number of years When it broke down, almost sent me to tears.

© Dolores Lapinid


"The Story of My Great Grandparents"

I wrote a letter and left it on the first page of my book, Placed it in the box to the east, turned around yet made one last look. I wonder if how long would it take for someone to pick it up, The book that changed my life, the best genre in my cup.

After a few months, someone finally messaged me, After reading my letter, it was a woman from a big city. Telling me, Hi! I'm Dianne from the Philippines, I read your letter. My heart rapidly beating, I utterly couldn't take my eyes off her.

That moment I knew I found the right woman in my life, And so I traveled to her country and asked her to be my wife. After forty years I told this story to my grand children, And my only granddaughter asked me to tell our love story once again.

© Rhoanne Lampacan Boado

The story of my great grandparents


Stand by

What can I say? Im stuck in loving you and letting you go. the foundation of our love is quite shaky still quite new, may be i can let go.

I am much in love with your qualities But not in the things you do Im always hurt in slightest things i felt im jealous of the people you praise i envy with your sweet grace i feel for me you never have time.

Maybe, i don't love you that much I complain at slightest lack of attention i feel bad when you do not message me much When you have time for others And you just slight me off Without much of love expression.

I'm in between of loving and leaving you Getting near or far from you Knowing each other better or just stop on tracks Oh babe, let me just stand still for a while. Give a good look at you and smile Sooner, i just have to decide. Forward or goodbye? My love, for now, i'll just stand by.

Stand by

© Mildred DJ Par


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