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Poetry/Visual Arts - Editor's Choice

December 4, 2023

From October 18 - November 15th, we offered poets an "Autumn" themed challenge, however, not all countries experience the beautiful autumnal season with its cool climate and warming colors. ILA Magazine presented our Facebook group poets, a trio of autumn themed visuals to choose from, that would perhaps spark their muse and indeed it did!



In the advent of the Autumn Mother Nature becomes an artist With her natural stratagem As she is a great alchemist During Autumn time to fathom Within balmy temperatures Mother Nature paints leaves of trees Let leaves to colorful features Leaves like blooms, that may confuse bees As leaves are like bright-colored flowers Mother Nature is a tune-maker She is, with help of wind, the thieves Robbed tree leaves to all in a manner Be in susurrus tune, those leaves In harmony with wind, whisper Nice to hear nature's melody Within nature's music aura Alongside Autumn scene to see Leaves in gold, crimson, magenta In Autumn affair superbly Mother Nature arts Autumn show And nature's music melody Amazing to hear, to view though Grand aspects in earth vividly © ENCY BEARIS USA


THIS AUTUMN RUSH OF MINE I find myself looking back at the past, As the year speeds by so fast, Not quite ready for the winter winds, I pick my guitar as my heart rescinds. My friends, where are they now? I know not but the memories, somehow, Linger about the room I am in. I hope they're doing fine, my kin. My family and I, we made it till today, I wish I could say the same for my love's way. Unfinished stories of you and I, The love may be gone but memories never die. With all these thoughts around me, My fingers caress the strings, setting my emotions free. Here comes the winter winds now, But my autumn's song, I'll still allow.



AUTUMNAL EQUINOX An affair began with those Leaves fallen on the ground, Began to touch my soul Through the breeze Of feelings! It wasn't just a sense of Music but a tune enough To caress my wholesome Love, with a chord of his Precious emotions! Stories you wrote weren't Enough to describe my Abundant happiness! Hibernaculum of warmth Didn't satisfy you! Susurrous of fondness Made you crave for more! Beaver moon couldn't Satisfy your hunger! So you created a Churn supper out of The poetry embedded In your novel, with those Twigs, collected from fall! Are we celebrating Autumn Or breezy bright is paving A path for our amber Tint of togetherness?



VIOLIN RHYME IN AUTUMN FLAKE Lying violin at edge of bench And breeze caresses with susurration compose Rolling on melancholic fledge Dry leaves fallen on the ground Creak by its own soft dash The dull flash of surroundings stand still. Pathos pervades the scene Wriggling in ambit of corner around Violin aside, deck in low sound of alien mode. At distant spots, flowers of autumn Bloom with beaming joy In chaste chant, in calm dye In colorful medley match Quietly reeling hold, sans noise Adorning sublime flash of beauty Whereas violin aside, is touched By mirth in string and straps. Over the clear sky, sun peeps in lean draw Clouds in blossom flake Remain hidden or invisible from the sky Birds hit by flair of flapping wings by flying low and high In noisy chirp or in quiet cast. Continuously, the sun keeps fast leap Towards distant horizon to go down for rest And dusk envelopes the earth, early Lying violin, in angle line, vibrates in melancholic Lone rhythm.



AUTUMN Darkness falls much quicker At this time of year The heat of the summer cools As the winds begin to swirl. Autumn the callous crusader Whips up all the leaves A host of multi colors Floating on the breeze Skeletal trees appear half naked As day loses more time to night Cold weather is now a regular visitor On a never-ending fight. Animals forage to stock pile food With a frenzied air Winter is nipping at their heels Hibernation will soon be their only care. © DONNA McCABE UK


THE TREES HAVE WRITTEN The trees have written Already their stories Their leaves are fallen Brown and dry Announcing autumn With their crashing sound. The trees are now already pencils That will start to draw some trees.



SENTIMENTAL FALL silver frost shivers, deliver these days to mock an unaffiliated sun far away seasons of doubtful delays dare our star to flare a sharp swollen tongue lost fields of flowers, in color all bloom invoke calm found below those golden beams ostentatious rays gather enough room to nourish reformations of green dreams wishes sweat surreptitiously met to defy obstinate heavens obscure to regret another seasonal pet naked to ensure a hasty summer completing cycles for raw rainbows thaw unfreeze brown leaves of sentimental fall



AUTUMN'S POEM Sitting at her desk, she starts to write With the pen gifted to her by the holy tree On the leaves she painted from the day She said goodbye to her sister Summer And nature became her canvas. Kind words bring comfort to the souls Hurt by the shadows' cruel words. A ray of hope pierces through the grey skies, Lighting our way to happiness. Brave words inspire the weak to become bold In the face of life's toughest challenges. The recipes from our ancestors' cookbooks Urges us to taste from the autumnal delights Whether we gathered at the table at Thanksgiving, Or celebrate the spookiest day of the year with ghosts and ghouls Love lifts the heavy as lead sorrow off our heart, Helping us see a better tomorrow. Oh, her pen's run out! And there are many things to write During the reign of the most generous and talented of the sisters. © GHEORGHE LAURA Romania


THE AUTUMN I SEEK Though hard to embezzle the colors of autumn Falls in gold and red in suburban mind Sitting on the mound of my imagination Depth precariously observed for the autumn, I seek. Over and around the glass brims Flows the colors of beauty as yellow maple leaves abscission in trees And brush petals of sakura flowers as a fandango of tinge and shade, Dainty colors of sunburns on meadows, with grounded ebony pigment Sky is smeared pure blue hue Flowers bloom in withered trees and enchanting crimson dancing upon the wind that chills I was Painting the vertigo of autumnal fall And I smiled For the glass brims remain still and silent.

© SHEILA ANN Malaysia

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