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Poetry of Michael Lee Johnson


SUMMER IS DYING (V4) Outside, summer is dying into fall, and blue daddy petunias sprout ears - hear the beginning of night chills. In their yellow window box, they cuddle up and fear death together. The balcony sliding door is poorly insulated, and a cold draft creeps into all the spare rooms. © Michael Lee Johnson


BOWL OF BLACK PETUNIAS (V2) If you must leave me, please leave me for something special, like a beautiful bowl of black petunias - for when the memories leak and cracks appear and old memories fade, flowers rebuff bloom, sidewalks fester weeds and we both lie down separately from each other for the very last time. © Michael Lee Johnson


MEMORIES PAST (Hillbilly Daddy) I settle into my thoughts zigzagging between tears my fathers' grave - Tippecanoe River Indiana 1982. Over now, a hillbilly country like the flow catfish memories raccoons in trees coon dogs tracking on the river bank, the hunt. Snapping turtles in the boat offline - river flakes to ice - now covered thick snow. © Michael Lee Johnson


NOW THAT I DESIRE (V2) Now that I desire to be close to you like two occupants sharing a twin bed sensing the warmth of sweating shoulders, hungering for your flesh like a wild wolf leaning over an empty carcass, you're off searching unexplored cliffs, climbing dangerous mountain tops, capturing bumblebees in broken beer bottles for biology class, pleasing plants, parachuting from clouds for fun. In shadows, you're closer to life, nonsense, a princess of absurdity, a collector of dreams and silent sounds. In clouds, you build your own fantasy. Share it with select celebrities. But till this captive discovers cure for caring, a way of rescuing insatiable insanity, or lives long enough to be patient in longing for you - you must be vigilant, for with time, snow will surely blanket this warm desire. © Michael Lee Johnson

Michael Lee Johnson lived ten years in Canada during the Vietnam era. Today he is a poet in the greater Chicagoland area, IL. He has 293 YouTube poetry videos. Michael Lee Johnson is an internationally published poet in 44 countries, a song lyricist, and has several published poetry books, has been nominated for 6 Pushcart Prize awards, and 6 Best of the Net nominations. He is the editor-in-chief of 3 poetry anthologies, all available on Amazon, and has several poetry books and chapbooks. He has over 473 published poems. Michael is the administrator of 6 Facebook Poetry groups. More of his books can be found on Amazon: Dandelion in a Vase of Roses: A Poetry Anthology of Diverse Poets and Countries Warriors With Wings: The Best Contemporary Poetry: Poetry Anthology Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze Michael Lee Johnson is a member of the Illinois State Poetry Society

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