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Poetry Highlight

Featuring eight poems written by Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


The water did not betray you

Luck was a hole in it

Go down to the river and make the cup your paw

Hide your nostalgia from those who led you to the air

And they shall not step

Written in the ink of the heart

They became full of you until you made them a city

You are lost in it

And the longing is high

Stuck on memory lol

You hurt them

The stubbornness of Taniba

And when you are gone, there is no weakness or carelessness

After the surgery

You bit the end

You are the glue on a delayed dream

And now you can't believe and lie...

© Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


Your tears are moving me

and the poems are scattered like olive seeds

I'm trying to touch her with my heart pockets

Thus I become a farmer

Just like my father and grandpa

And the picker of the village

I've always been practicing poetry

But my years have been reckless

On yesterday

Just on yesterday

I've been practicing on love

and suddenly it's picking season.

© Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


New born my hope

My pain is old

The days have been trapped in many pictures

I am starving and displaced

And also lovers of their simplicity

Technology broke them apart

New born throw down

As for my superiority, it is old.

Trying not to pass it on to anyone but me

And one after me

The new born is my joy

As for my old age

Because the children that fell

On the swings of the world...They grow up

And they put the world on a swing

© Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


Apple on the cheeks or something

Lola is confused

My hair flew like an eagle

And he caught what he caught

From a colorful world

Suitable for your name, whatever the wills, liking is a command

The abode of your shadow has added a language to the world.

Speak silently to speak...

Once again

Replace love with the intensity of passion

And the river is old enough to describe the stream

And I will not riddle you in your eyes

U hide a lot

And stuffing each other up

I have two regrets

And now you are coming

Did you add an ice cold heart

Did you cross my limits...Then my memory

And he will be satisfied

And you won't waste your apology

I don't know myself for a lifetime


Who deserves to live

© Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


In an area of you

She is bounded by a severe anxiety attack

A butterfly dancing

And a raven is in a chokehold

And others run away to sell out

In an area of you

Joy is divided and sorrows are challenged

And many souls will fall

In the form of bombs

In an area of you

Dawn breaks without eyes

His hands are stained with your pencil

And his mouth is stained with your blood.

Wonder is it the end of the world

Or your beginning in another world

A world of long nails...

© Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


Death is like asphalt, it breaks the road

And you gotta walk check for a shine

Are your eyes around from a pile?

Or a banner of peace raised by a friend

And your strings of music postpones her dancing

How painful it is to step from narrow to narrow

The gunpowder of the free silenced their angels

And the sorcerer is a demon on the loose

Bandage hair wounds without saving

Childhood ideas are cursed like tenderness

Let the truth be spoken in grief

About the rain of words amidst the fire

Death is like asphalt without its blackness

And the end of the tornado...Captain is sinking

© Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


hold me in a sigh and a sigh

And wear the dream

Cute as a spark

Deepen the lamentation

I don't want no noise

Rather a mixture of dew and nectar

I am so sorry If I ever just made a disappearance

I needed a to sink

Two years ago I haven't lived

Where is my age to see

You see I lost my way

In the seasons of life

Did I live my death

And then I am...And you touched my veins

© Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi


You crave my blood and quantity

So relieve your absence from the heartlessness

And I accept that my time is no longer delicious

And my life is on my behalf

The shadow of your eyes is haunting me

And I'm drowned in you

And I stay, not my ground above my ground

As if clones abound in me

I am away, I want you close

He gives strength to those who want it. © Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi

Haitham Abdullah Al-Akrumi is a Lebanese poet residing in the Gulf. He was born in Jamal Akrum, northern Lebanon. He wrote poetry at an early age and practiced teaching Arabic before traveling. He has a poetry collection that was printed twice and published since 1998, and a collection of poems that was printed but not published. He currently has more than one collection in print.

His poems have been published in many newspapers and magazines and he has participated in many cultural events in clubs, literary centers and universities, he held many evenings, both alone and with other participants.

He has won many honors. He won second place in a cultural competition held on the occasion of the Saudi National Day, and third place in a cultural competition for the Literary Club in the northern Saudi region.


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