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Poetry Feature of Anwar Rahim


Shining eyes deep looks Showing vision and love Emotions calm and quiet Asking my love to say Few words of kindness Showing gentle sweetness Inviting praise for your beauty Difficult to keep quiet Whispers won't help me more Love you, I say, in loud voice Don't mind, it's heart saying Lost rhythm I don't know why Say love me in your sweet voice Simple you look, with elegant style Lost in thoughts for a while. Glance at me while walking beside Lonely you feel, your eyes say so Talk to me, while we are on our way Hold my hand for company's sake. Kindling lights of love in your heart Journey is tough to go alone Sharing our pain, love is grown Lovers feel, the way love is shown Hand in hand, whispering tones. © Anwar Rahim



Graceful, beautiful, awesome How to explain, how to define It's God-gifted, it's from divine Praise and mention nice words From a distance, poetic words If she listens, it's fine Feeling happy to write more rhymes It's her grace and love for nature Heart feels praise, her features Lost in dreams, mystical creature She is a soul remaining lost in nature Her charming face, looks so simple She is cute, composed humbly. © Anwar Rahim


Bio: Born in February 1951, Anwar Rahim hails from Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

A University Graduate in Economics and Political Science, he is a veteran turned poet in 2016, finding his birth muse and vibes by narrating his inner self through poetry. His poetic journey is short, but he feels poetry has taught him much more than he could have learnt in any education institution. His literary performance fetched him global awards from Gujarat Sahitya Academy, India, in 2020, 2021 and 2022, the order of Mahatma Award by Lasosyanyos Bar San Frontyer, an International Art Society, as well as many other awards from global platforms. His poems have been featured in Anthologies, "Pakistani English Poets" and "Bouquet of Triple Colors", featuring poets from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. His poems in Anthology of SAARC countries is under process of being published. His poems have been featured in NBM Bangla TV, Bangladesh and in Daily Bani Asia, Bangladesh. His passion in poetry is to pursue genres, in Romance, Humanitarian issues Environmentally-friendly concerns and children's rhymes.

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