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Poetry Feature of Amrita Valan


You are asleep, Wrapped in your cocoon Of silk. Where you weave blind tapestries On an island Sequestered with sable brushes and second sight. I fell Into a polished lake A silver mirror And how the images, bounced back at me. Turgid righteousness, strait laced Black with shame. But azure gold dappled, wavering Memories.

© Amrita Valan


With Our Eyes

A poet's soul, keeps Itself hidden while baring all. Heart hard baked clay Mind jello. Writing with a rolling pen Curt Missives. I am scared To share this, my veins congeal Haven't you ever refrigerated honey? A mistake. How to forget, Forgive my eyes Wandering into yours, Melting into each other's blackness. How we avoided Accidental eyelocks Since then. Locking Revelations. So I gaze into the night's Dark ceiling, Imagine star studded bliss, Heaven is, Your stoicism in profile.

© Amrita Valan

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