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Continue the story In the folds of time In the days in the rain Even in storms Incessantly goes on Nothing stops it Imposing creates emptiness. The voice Without his words, it is never tied to the roots neither is the mouth When he sings the songs with his cries human life in truth. Even more difficult learn to love wounds when the world is bad and feelings and violence they are companions and they live hand in hand engaged in wars. © Francesco Favetta


MOTHERS COURAGE Evening falls in the fields and the wind already calm from the clear sky of black clouds it landed smashing to the ground The leaves yellowed by eternal silences women dripping bitter drops and love torn from the womb. The thousand souls marched proudly clenched fists tied hands serene faces, never dull eyes step firmly in the chest pain of wounded women and humiliated mothers singing the hymn of their only cry They came united in sincere hearts. Crowds cheering open arms welcomed by embracing lives broken by adverse winds voices of freedom and songs of joy the pure souls acclaimed giving the true values and struggles of a thousand battles expected at the crossing of the friendly fraternal paths.

© Francesco Favetta


THE SEA OF LIFE It is like the sea stormy emotions stir the stunned thoughts forgotten anchors backdrops still invisible a vast ocean blue to explore, navigate. We are small boats the waves of life they always toast every moment to our adversities shores and hopes They are landings hoped for. Let's sail silently storms the swollen seas Storms and storm surges they sweep like volcanoes the faint memories the tides bring us back Back in time. We smile drowned in the blue marine waters like castaways we breathe life and salt forgetting the acrid taste some blood that flows in the sea of life. © Francesco Favetta



I could write of my thoughts dig into my body every day the rough stone smoothing the roughness impurities. Inside a long night like a flower to be plucked slips on the walls of life this little man apprentice in the heart warrior in blood.

© Francesco Favetta


Francesco Favetta was born in the land of Sicily, in that of Sciacca, Italy. He has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all, true culture, food for the soul! He has written more than 4,000 poems. He also writes philosophical reflections and thoughts. In 2018, he was awarded by the Academy of Sicily. Francesco does not like to participate in literary competitions. True culture in his view is freedom of Free Spirit, Soul in Motion and must never be harnessed! To date, his lyrics have been published on the international poetic scene:

Revista Azahar, who edited his first 'Silloge of Poems' in Spanish: "Encantamiento y Palabras Como Plumas"; poems published in 'The Silk Road Anthology': Nano Poems for Africa; Other lyrics have been published on the official website of the "Galassia Poetica Attunis", including one in Russian; Other works published on the official World Smith International Editorial website; publication of his poems in OPA, the Poetry Journal. Francesco Favetta also founded a Lions Club, Sciacca Terme. Finally, he believes that poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will make its life free, furthermore, beauty will always be a truth that will never be buried and from the times and even of daily human life.

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