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Poetry Collaboration


Which plead I should share with you? I chose to evoke my solemnity, While you were sleeping in your sojourns, Your charisma has been crafting my anxiety in meditation, My soul is so barren desert, Although in your tranquil tears and prayers. All that is known appears everywhere in the discerning of truth and lies, The treasures of blessings are secret. I cover you in robe: No need to know of gain or fortunes lost. Seeds of soul Make way to an oasis of personal isle. You're thought of as you're received. Breath of nights exaltation, The mist of early morn, Set paeans on Upon the breasts of paisley petals. Come to spring the hidden love, Romance of the broken vow, Lamentations are peaceful remedies, Each inner ear now is blessed to listen and be listened to, My soul is only complete mate by your soul. © Emmelie M. from Indonesia and Eric Aguilar of USA

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