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From inspirational to the seasons, to flora and fauna or spiritual, Seema Sharma from India, covers it all in the six poems we've featured here on ILA. Her poems have been saved for this feature, whether she was chosen as Poet of the Week or a Random "Editor's Pick" or most recently, as August Poet of the Month for her poem, "Winged Spirit", chosen by Mr. Steve Lyman, ILA Magazine Contributing Editor.


"WINGED SPIRIT" Let the wings of your imagination flutter Sky-high... Let each fragment of yours take the flight to the acme... Let each element of thy entity mingle in the air Embalming the clime... Bound not your instincts For imagination is like a bird that keeps soaring anywhere upwards enjoying its freedom Bare out your emotions Let it roam freely to find their abode Maybe it would rest on the pages of your handbook aesthetically decorated For emotions have the cleverness to capture what they see attractive and make their place there, to dwell eternally. Cease not to be YOU, yourself Think 'you' too, matter notwithstanding of any restraints and obstructions Salvage thyself Untie and unshackle the bars if any... with your will and power Take the flight Irrespective of the bars For you are born to be free and your imagination, too, to fly beyond the blues over the moon... Let your aura enhance and others' too with your winged spirit, keep soaring high to the zenith to the pinnacle of success! Lighten up like a feather Unburden your heart Your imagination, unfettered! © SEEMA SHARMA


"SPRING REMAINS !" Strolling through the garden, one day, I sat pondering. "How come this garden, looks always fresh and green". Curiously I inquired one of the nearby flower trees, the same question that was on my mind. "Who hath not endured some kinda pain? Look at us, We have borne the scorching heat for long; Gale too, has become our foe. Do we ever complain?", Quoth the flower. "Keep laughing like us, During sun or rain." "There have been times though, Showers have granted us plenty. Gentle breeze kisses our cheeks, Now and then, It's our pleasure to grow more beautiful, Under its divine grace", Beamed other flowers. "Keep blooming like us, During sun or rain." Be it the night fall or the dawn, Autumn or Spring, We never fall apart. We keep swinging with the hope. If autumn comes, can spring be far behind? "Keep smiling like us. During sun or rain." All the flowers sang together again. © SEEMA SHARMA


"SUNFLOWER" I am a sunflower I bloom when the sun shines on me Making all happy with my presence They say they love to see me in their sadness! I have learnt to live in any odd situation No gale, wind or any tempest can make me stop I keep adhering to the boughs I am the mightiest! I know life is an amalgam of joys and woes After cumbersome winter, there will come spring season I keep smiling knowing how sorrows fade soon Lots of joys will be replaced in your bosom I endure, I wait but never ever I cease to bloom Sharing happiness is my desire I consider it my privilege given to me by The Almighty God! © SEEMA SHARMA


"NOVEMBER HUES" Emotions burgeon in great deal in the month of November Myriad hues greet us in our hitherto 'barren life' Happiness proliferates in abundance As that the downpour drenches the parched land and satiates the environment Hail, I hail thee! November, thou art my kinda month In thy presence I wanna mingle myself in fluorescent colors quenching all my desires blossoming as flowers recovering my faded beauty I wanna be one to one with the scented air that is felt in the clime rejuvenating my all numb spirits A palpable appeal of mild coolness O, I feel as though winter seems standing at the threshold When air kisses me on my forehead an exuberance, a bliss it feels! Such enchantment O November, thou create This heart sings a melodious song and it keeps wafting throughout the month Like a phoenix my expired spirits are desirous of taking rebirth nipping the mundanity in the bud and relive this life each moment I want resurrection! Wish to live November Till eternity! © SEEMA SHARMA


"MY SLUMBER SPIRITS TAKE FLIGHT" Give me wings, for I want to fly beyond the skies and the earth beyond thy surmise I will soar high with jubilation and mirth My hitherto tethered spirits will go maverick highly enthused I am will-power of mine gets augmented There lies a vast spectrum Vista of the whole cosmos lay bare inviting me with full vigor and zest The tangerine hued heaven seems like beckoning I will be soaring high and will meet my destination! © SEEMA SHARMA


"HOPE" Look at the sprawling starry skies, in the silence of the night: Don't you see Hope twinkling in the galaxies? Each star in the firmament conveys the similar story in their mute or mild voice: Hope remains! 'Abundance' of hope awaits until the dawn arrives! What if the darkness prevails for some more time O man, wait some more time For every dusk pave the way for the morning light If winter comes, can Spring be far behind? There might be some darkness though But you can see the stars when there is enough darkness, so! Then why to fret, grumble or whine! © SEEMA SHARMA

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