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Poetic Musings of Michael Hislop


WHY DO THE ELEPHANTS DANCE Why do the elephants dance Carefree and Wild Under the wide expanses Endless miles And countless stars Why do the elephants dance Trumpeting their Praise Swaying in the rain Amen, The Creator Why do the elephants dance Wearing long years Counting the seasons Knowing the forests and the plains Growing memories Why do the elephants dance Playing in delight Having a bath Water sprays streaming Having fun Why do the elephants dance Trunks reaching Trumpeting sounds Booming echoes Natures Song Why do the elephants dance Flapping ears, grazing trees Imperious, statuesque Imperial Goring tusks A wriggling baby Why do the elephants dance Alive and Grateful Bonding for Life Loving and Mourning too Appreciating the Essentials Why do the Elephants dance Well you see They were Made to And would you forbid The Elephants to Dance © MICHAEL HISLOP


THE PHOENIX I awaken...raw Scattering shells Disturbing pasts Ash clouds sparking His Spirit still hovers above Cooing...whisperingly Fledging wings I spread Man torso aches Under lion's head Talons flex as I call out In echoes, I roar Inside flames fire Constrained, I strain Heat, Hot Light, Bright Dying my garments golden And carving my mouth A blazing fountain Youth becomes Me Signs of heritage Cultures surround Priests and Priestesses attend The Dead teaching Me Outside nestled around Fragments of History The inexorable passage of Man Intent on nothing Producing studied ignorance Fortresses, Temples, Schools In succession...Here then Gone Sounds swarm too Overwhelming Me Pain and Death define a Human Cries and screams Lies and claims Signposts of civility Behold the Brotherhood of Man All this I saw All this I learnt All of it, I felt Consuming it, My Nourishment I, society's child The essence of You Becoming Me So I bide Knowing the day will come To end forever this charade To gift the flaming fires New Life through Rebirth

© MICHAEL HISLOP Writer and Executive Editor of Kavya Kishor

Born in India, and widely travelled throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Michael is now based in Newcastle, Australia. He is well-versed in Our World's societies and cultures, and their beautiful diversity. He has an abiding love for Humanity and Our History and traditions and stories. University educated too, he holds Degrees in Politics, International Relations, and African Decolonization, as well as holding a Doctor of Law. Currently 45 years of age, Michael devotes his time to his love of writing, literature, plays, science, and poetry. His current writing interests include: Humanity and History, Humanism and Sovereignty, Metaphysics and The Soul, Religion and Divinity Consciousness and Reality, plus many others...He is also the founder of 'The MetaPhysical School' and is the Author of their Manifesto - "We Are The MetaPhysicals.' You can read and learn more about this fascinating poet on his Website: MICHAEL HISLOP Writer and Poet

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