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Poet of the Week: Seema Sharma

Seema Sharma. who writes with much verve, was chosen as one of three Poets of the Week (October 2nd - 8th), from our ILA Magazine Facebook group.



My Muse! Thou art humbly called to sprinkle thy grace My thoughts find solace in thy embrace Come over, let me deck you with my words and phrase I wish to put life in my musings and leave a trace Thou art my inspiration, I seek your pleasant stay I beseech you to be here to enthuse my spirits right away Anxious is my soul, heart is calling thou aloud Do come and drizzle upon me some wisdom with gentle sound Here I sit with a welcome note Having the 'word-garland' I have weaved to put on you around The windows of my heart and mind remain open wide Please show my writings the doorway to people's minds Am in love with the new words and phrases Do come at my humble call t rekindle my thoughts And infuse a sweet taste in my poems and notes I wish to fill in them the hues of new craze O Thou, gush a fire with thy generous praise.

© Seema Sharma

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