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Poet of the Week: David Soh

Chosen as Poet of the Week, from October 2-8th.



I looked at the trees from my place I admire the beauty of the trees able to grow together and depending on Mother Nature to provide its growth I know we humans cannot live as Mother Nature just like Adam and Eve by doing nothing and depending on nature to provide I just wonder why we cannot be somewhat like trees in our daily life, living together in harmony as family and community I know this is impossible even in a small family or community as there is always the presence of jealousy and greed in all of us I know if we just separate ourselves go back to Mother Nature and reflect deeply, not just for the sake of doing it like attending a retreat I really need to ask myself who am I and does our God want me to be a greedy or jealous person or a person filled with bountiful Love © David Soh Singapore

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