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Pledge for a Living Paradise

©️By Gul Bakhti



The writer’s poem was chosen as a “BEST ENTRY” in a regular offering we held on July 23rd, it was one of many on the top of ILA’s list of chosen poems.


Let’s we converse in words - those candid and sweet.

And keep our inner self like our outer shell – clean and neat.

Let’s we practise; respect, love and affection.

And throw away, anger, hate and dejection.

Let’s we embrace, friends, strangers and foes.

And put aside, envy, jealousy and Woes.

Let’s we feel the pain of suffering neighbors.

And no more behave like aliens and strangers.

Let’s we dine after feeding that hungry skeletal boy.

And put on the silk after covering that torn dress girl- who’s shy.

Let’s prior to sip from our tonic Champagne,

Give medicine to that coughing – old man.

Let’s take those street children to village school.

And then our kids to the deluxe pool

Let’s give blanket to that road beggar dying of chill.

Then for sure we can sleep without taking sleep pill.

Let’s we spend at least one for someone.

And then ninety nine for our comfort and fun.

Let’s we arise, do noble deeds, give a surprise.

And change this suffering hell- into a living paradise.

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