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Nostalgic moments are wonderful reminders of past and present, evoking a medley of emotions and memories, transporting into different times and triggering a sense of longing and warmth, whether it's revisiting childhood memories, reminiscing about friendships or recalling special holidays and occasions, nostalgic moments have a unique ability to connect us with tidbits of friend and family or an eventful reflection. Poets were prompted to write about their special nostalgic moment and apply the 5 senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste into rhyming couplet form. Out of 16 entries, ILA chose 7 poems to be featured here.



In winter's hush, a silent whisper falls,

Snowflakes dance, a ballet on frozen walls.

Icy winds hum tales in the still night air,

A crisp symphony, whispers beyond compare.

Beneath the moon's gaze, a frosty sight unfolds,

A canvas of white, where the world in silence molds.

The touch of cold, a shiver on the skin,

Nature's embrace, where winter dreams begin.

Tasting snowflakes, a delicate delight, Each on the tongue, a moment pure and white.

A fragrance lingers, crisp in the breeze,

Pine-scented whispers among snow-laden trees.





How do I journey on the mystic way?

As the sturdy moon fades away

My mind is fickle and stray

Like a moon child gazing lazily away

The moment I feel a taste of my dream

Bringing sight of nostalgic stream

Touch of my hand is inspiring

A sound of applause is aspiring

But it is not for fame or power I wait

For a humble being that read, I will be a hero not a saint

Like a hummingbird fluttering on the horizon

The sweetest smell of violets sprung.





Sitting at this cold airport seat

Longing for your sweet body heat

As you wrapped your small arms around me

Smelling your baby scent filled me with glee

I remember how you licked that creamy ice cream

Painting rainbows in reality, not a dream

Those innocent brown eyes drown my thoughts of tomorrow

I am going to miss you, with so much sorrow.

Why do we have to live away from each other?

Worlds apart so far from your grandmother?

Your angelic voices, babbles, music to my ears

Now that memory rushes the tears

Its saltiness I taste a reminder after all

That there is no cold winter without a windy fall

Few minutes before take-off, I feel your imaginary embrace

As I wrapped your shawl with the blue lace.

Till next time we visit again my love

With the grace of God above.





Just sitting here without a care

All that is around for me to share

Taking in all of everything I see

Many simple things just astound me

In this room alone is the smell of old books

The aroma of coffee and my stew as it cooks

I stare out of the window what beauty I see

The beautiful sunset is just looking at me

It's awesome moments of blissful peace

As I dish up my supper enjoy my wonderful feast

I look outside again and a full moon fills the sky

Daylight to night time in the blink of an eye

The sound of the waves upon the sea

A wonderful day giving comfort to me

Just pure serenity this life that I love

These blessings bestowed from up above

It's like feeling the touch of arms around me

Keeping me safe deep within my tranquility

Everything provided for me to share

With everyone I love because I care.

© Steve Lyman UK



Breathtaking I gaze at

An environment to sit around and chat

The scent of blooming flowers fill the air

A treat for my mind is only fair on this chair

Or just to sit on the cushion of green grass and sigh

The blowing breeze tickling my face forcing me to lie

My mind spreads its wings to fly high

Into the sky of freedom search for peace I must try

For life has been cruel like citrus on my tongue

Hit me hard, when I was so young

I aimlessly wandered the rugged highway of life

Walked the many miles of lies

It tore me into pieces, I sunk in pain

It ripped out my heart, I bowed in shame.

But inner strength ignited in me, faith to rise

With confidence I march forward to get my prize.


Papua New Guinea



Beneath Arakan's sky, like a blanket blue,

An Arakan child, memories bloom anew.

Taste of rice, like a hug from earth's embrace,

Shared like secrets, a warmth in every trace.

Silken sands beneath bare feet, nostalgic

Those memories, so indelible and magic.

Sight of paddy fields, a rainbow in the song

Colors dancing, like laughter all along.

Sounds ripple like the river's gentle prayer,

Muezzin's call, a sweet melody in the air.

Fragrance of winter foods, served with love,

Through the kitchen's door, my beloved mom.

In Arakan's heart, where memories belong,

Childhood's whispers, a lullaby, sweet and strong.





There were moments touched by scenes in row, Followed by taste of rare tune in the melody flow.

Moments of childhood, enjoyed in joyous chanting, Stay aside till these days in track facet of scene.

Noisy sounds, and joyous meet, aside the kin ring,

Created by dashing fit with pals, echoes in scene.

Match scenes exist in flash and live at the sight,

Hurrah colossal blares till today, in day and night.

School days and classroom toss, falls at fore,

And imagination floats like fluid creep at outdoor.

Like sweet smell of flowers, moments but trot,

Forge ahead in leap line and in hold of pose short.


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