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Myr Reyes E. Tejada


Nothing actually ever ends Every moment is a commencement Of renewed hopes and fresher dreams Prelude to all the world's incessant games Life's roulette won't stop with a loss or win. A cry is heard when a soul departs Same sound breaks as a new one arrives Flowers wilting after blooming Freeing seeds, soil will be nurturing Or give way to a new fruit budding. Birds flying high, flitting butterflies Fish in the sea swimming wild and free Golden morning, gentle breeze blowing White clouds gliding as sun keeps smiling It's a new day, I'll create a better me! Sun in the western horizon Day is winding up in a swan song We'll soon hear the choir of eventide Not a dirge, never a sad goodbye A herald for the daw, can't be denied. Any season coming to a close For loneliness cannot be a cause For as a lady needing to change clothes Comes out brighter, in a lovelier pose And a livelier essence of purpose.


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