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My Dearest Grammar, Matters

*Note: Grammar on 2,3,4, stanzas were intentionally incorrect to highlight a point.💕

My Dearest Grammar, Matters

My Dearest, Grammar Matters

Why are you so difficult to comprehend?

when i just wanted my messages to send.

Simple treasures, hope reader's pop to share

Too eager to be understood, i hope you care.

When I'm just hunger, mine stomach ache

Would you not understand it for my sake?

Would you, hold on my grammar to correct

Than helps feed me, my stomach you forsake?

Or i'm been injured, shall i correctly narrate?

How a car bumping me even though i side?

The whole street is too wide, why me collide?

Has he no eyes, can't he saw me passing by?

Just the other days, a fire breaking out

I'm confused on what to shout about...

"The fire is already eating up my house!"

Or should I say "My house fired us". Fire, fire!

O dear, forgive my sommersaulting grammar,

But i have a lot of thing to say, that matters

Do you really need to crucify me on the wall?

Go on. But allow me to express my heart galore.

©️ Mildred DJ. Par

20 April 2022

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1 Comment

Georgiana Gheorghe
Georgiana Gheorghe
Jul 16, 2022

It's an interesting poem. Congrats!

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