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My Beauty Regime

I have stilettos of Strength And I wear them with pride Shoulders back and chin up, I take everything in my stride. Confidence is my best attire Beautifying my wardrobe, It makes me attractive and fearless, I feel I can take on the globe. I carry a handbag of my favorite color In it I have Faith, Hope and Love They make my days bright and beautiful And I move on with blessings from above. I am the Queen walking with grace And I never forget to straighten my crown My smile is the best curve I possess I like to spend my days without a frown. A quick dab of lipstick And I am ready for the day, All set to conquer the world Keeping worries at bay. Nothing more is needed To make my life worthwhile, Beauty is in my heart and mind That I have adorned with a smile. With a never say never attitude I try to make my life grand, Embracing every little joy I walk with Positivity hand in hand. This is my everyday beauty regime But you will not find the perfect me I am with flaws and scars Yet you will definitely find the Real me. © Priyalakshmi Gogoi

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