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Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta - Book Feature - "Chasing Sunsets With You"

July, 29, 2023



Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta, or, 'Eve', or (aka 'Hibiscus'), a nickname familiar to many, has published her third book of poetry, 'Chasing Sunsets With You', her poems and stories are spiritual, genuine, amiable and compassionate. People, things, living and non-living creatures, even events, occurrences and relevant conditions are subjects that inspire and give color to her rhythms and rhymes, stanzas and lines, offering vibrancy and emotion to the words she pens. These same feelings come to her in the stillness of her deep tranquil moments when she converses with God, her devotionals of inspiration and life. Evelyn's first love is writing, when, at six, she wrote her first poem in a school paper. In college, her forte was writing feature articles, personality sketches and poetry. She was a freelance writer for local women's magazines before publishing her first book on poetry titled, "My Twenty Poems". Her second book, on poetry, 'Finding My Heart', illustrated by her daughter, was launched in January 2021, and was a success, placing # 1 on Amazon's list, several hours after it was launched. People found their hearts in this beautiful and moving poetry collection. Evelyn's poetry is personal but relatable to everyone that has had the opportunity to read and experience her lovely verses. In all three of her books, yet especially in 'Chasing Sunsets With You', her writing gift of heartwarming poetry is felt in every word and line. She believes that the ordinary and mundane things are the most beautiful. 'Why Do I Ink My Legacy?' By Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta, a.k.a., Hibiscus. "My three books on prose and poetry, the first book, 'My Twenty Poems', the second book, 'Finding My Heart', published in 2021, and 'Chasing Sunsets With You', are a testimony of my deep love for writing, a gift from the Heavenly Father." Reading compliments her life, writing completes it! Many of Maria's poetry has appeared (or is forthcoming), in different journals and anthologies: 'Sensibility', 'Mother's Embrace', 'Metamorphosis', 'Inked with Passion', 'Rainbows and Daydreams', 'Open Skies Poetry', 'Landscapes and Cityscapes', 'Filipino Poets' and 'Blossoms Journal', personal collection anthologies and several others. Motherhood is a subject close to Maria's heart and inspires her to write. She has a good eye and ear for the peculiar details of everyday life - endearing in her lack of pretentiousness among the trivial and ordinary matters around her. Evelyn's husband, Danny, her four girls, Andrea, Guia, Daniells and Laura; sons-in-laws, Chris and Andy; and beautiful granddaughters, Tala and Mayla, are her inspirations to pursue her first love, Writing! Below, we have added a "Slider" Gallery of Maria's books with the first image being her third book and newly published, 'Chasing Sunsets With You.' For a glimpse of each image, clicking will bring it up in full view. The last image featured in the slideshow are pages 178 and 179 of 'Chasing Sunsets With You' , the title: "Chief", a poem Maria wrote about a dog.

BOOK SYNOPSIS of 'CHASING SUNSETS WITH YOU': Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta has launched her third book, 'Chasing Sunsets With You', and will make its debut on Saturday, August 5, 2023, 9 PM, Philippine time.

'Chasing Sunsets With You' is a tour de force that will captivate the most discerning hearts, for within its pages, lies a tapestry of meticulously woven verses, showcasing the author's mastery of distinct diction and an unmatched style that is sure to enrapture every literary aficionado present. This magnum opus transcends the bounds of conventional poetry, transcending beyond the realms of the ordinary to evoke a reverent adoration of life itself. Maria's poems eloquently paint love's symphony, celebrating the divine dance of two souls as they pursue the setting sun, hand in hand, embarking on an ethereal journey of emotions. Behold! This literary masterpiece is now available on the global stage of Amazon, granting enthusiasts from all corners of the world, the privilege to immerse themselves in the lyrical opulence that Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta so graciously shares. Such an endeavor of literary grandeur would not be possible without the distinguished collaboration of GMGA Publishing, a revered patron of the arts, heralding this poetry collection as a treasure trove of creative excellence. 'Chasing Sunsets With You' can be viewed in a video of Maria by Ayo Gutierrez, owner/publisher of GMGA Publishing, on her YouTube channel.


About the Publisher/Editor: Ayo Gutierrez is a certified coach, TV personality, publisher and professional speaker. She authored the bestselling poetry books, 'Yearnings: Collected Poetry' and 'Chiaroscuro: Poetry Translated into Italian, Spanish & French' , and 'Chasm', among others. She has successfully launched over 300 authors worldwide through her online publishing platform, GMGA PUBLISHING. She was the charter president of the Pinoy Writers Toastmasters Club and a past president of the City of Angeles Toastmasters Club (District 75).


Maria has kindly given ILA Magazine, permission to post her new poem to present to our readers: THE PANSY AND THE DANDELION A toast is made. "To Love," she sweetly whispers. "To Forever," he replies. She is the pansy, and he, the dandelion. She wears her golden crown, In Pleiades' constellations. Wherever she glows There, too, he grows. Bidding her crown, Dancing, cheering, Sharing, taking pride At her golden crown Amidst the constellations. "To Forever," whispers the pansy. "To Love," replies the dandelion. She, glowing; he, growing, Among the night skies of The red constellations!


From ILA Magazine's Editor's Desk: I received Maria's book, 'Chasing Sunsets With You", quite earlier than expected, it arrived at my mailbox 4 days before the original date. Perhaps it was divine intervention, because since then, I find myself carrying her book everywhere I go. Two books I bought before her book, I take with me to bed and read before I sleep and when I awake in the morning. The book I purchased after Maria's book, I read constantly, too, but that will be saved for the next book feature. I have eight books before Maria's and one after, to write reviews, and yet, it is her book I take when I have to leave the apartment, it is her book I take with me at lunch. Without a doubt, Maria is quite family-oriented, her first section and second sections are devoted entirely to motherhood and life surrounding her family. Sometimes I just wish her poems would jump out of the book so that I could embrace them, physically, while daydreaming, because they are so descriptive, to just place in the spotlight, 'A PILLOW'S TALE', or 'THE PLEADING HIBISCUS', or even the 'ORANGE', the 'MANY WAYS TO SAY GOODNIGHT', and 'TANGERINE.' Maria is a true wordsmith, her lines and verses seem to just pop out of the pages in warmth, enchantment, spirituality and love, with many forms of beautiful imagery in figurative writing that evokes the senses with colorful vibrancy, a bit of liveliness, with an expressive and eloquent state of grace, and a genuineness much like her own persona. She truly has a special gift of writing with the ability to captivate hearts and minds while mesmerizing the reading eyes and in that same instance, her aesthetic compositions blend perfectly with the beautiful art and photography throughout her book. Annette Nasser Founder/EIC ILA

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Jul 31, 2023

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