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Looking Forlornly at Heavens Gates

Once upon a time, in a faraway hometown,

Some siblings have been fighting for the crown.

Their parents succumbed many moons ago.

The poor siblings, in grief, swayed to and fro.

Soon after, they expelled their young brother

From their home, they are no more together.

And lo, more than a decade has passed by:

No calls, no texts, no one did even try.

Only God knows what lies within the souls;

He is the One who shall haoul o’er the coals.

Until then, hearts and minds are in dire straits.

They shall forlornly look at Heavens gates.

Life is brief and death stands slightly aloof.

People fear God for His angry reproof.

Written by Walid BOUREGHDA

© All Rights Reserved


Marco Brambilla. Heaven’s Gate, 2021

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