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Let's Talk About Quotes

"Love is a paradoxical appreciation of the heart which goal is a success when we cherish it without true feelings."

© Vincente A. Valdez, Jr.


"A pure and an undiluted heart remains the elevator through which a society can significantly lift higher in its stunted growth."

© Ajibola Rahman Dr.-Oral


"History is a set of cloth hangers in assorted colors for the aesthetics of gossip in the shape of human shoulders not to wrinkle in the anatomy of truth, which is only remembered by solitary few, for the elegance of the past to serve and state the power that glorifies the lips of fault."

© Ernesto Santiago


"A REMINDER" - From time to time, refurbish your heart for you never know whom it might host."

© Gigi Mejri


"A small breath of value and honor is much better than to live the life of a hundred years of shame."

© Amar Shah


"If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking."

© Diya Sinha


"Nothing works. Everything seems to fail and fall away in deep and dark wells of psychological crisis. Then, a loving person gets to you and picks you up and you feel elevated. That's the power of a loving person."

© Irfan Khan Iffi


"Keep on walking with determination to achieve your goal...You never know which footsteps will bring a good twist in life."

© Rita Chugh


"The fragrance of hard work, determination and belief accelerates dreams into fruition of cherished goals."

© Anjana Prasad

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