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Let it Be - Truth is Beauty

Our last prompt during the month of April was held on the 27th. The title of this feature was the theme of the prompt. Poets had to write a poem in just 10 lines, describing the expression.


Let it be Truth is Beauty.

Let it be Truth is Beauty As virtuous to be told anytime.

The jurisdiction of the mind To be as clear from her impurity.

Truth,yes is Beauty In the ramifications of purity;

As conscientiously be told boldly For posterity to reign supreme.

Let it be Truth is Beauty On the tongues of humanity!

© Kichime Philibus Elisha


Let it be truth is beauty Beauty comes from within not from your face but from your heart

When that heart is clean and pure It will show you what true beauty you are.

The glint in your eyes The smile on your face and the way you talk to everyone will tell of the beauty within you. © Debra J. Masky


Let it be truth is beauty

Beauty is not the outer shell adorned with prettiness,

the pouty lips, complexion, colour of hair and eyes. It’s not the face that shows pure beauty but what’s within the soul,

the heart, the mind, actions, words and deeds. A pure heart, pure intentions, actions, loyalty, compassion, sincerity

and empathy is what makes the inner core of a person beautiful on the outside. Thus, the pure hearted, with true smile, no agenda but honesty,

kindness, truthfulness and loyalty will always shine through. Oh yes, truth is beauty unequaled...

© Shenni Waldron


Let it be Truth is beauty...

Truth is something we embrace with genuine intent. It lives in our hearts; embedded in our souls. It's a component of our belief system, in our conviction, and in our principles That guide us in our day to day living. Honesty, loyalty and sincerity are integral parts of truthfulness. It is void of pretence, superficiality and hypocrisy in our dealings with life. It shines in us like the reflection of light in the mirror. Our actions, deeds, and demeanors measure this virtue. Truth creates peaceful accord, harmony and unity among humankinds. Where truth is, beauty shines!

© Leah C Dancel




Let it hurt to know the sad truth There's time to reshape and reform Your day still in its soft youth.

The young tree bends to conform To the wish and direction of the wind To the virtuous values held as norm.

Scarred better than be forever chagrinned With belief devoid of inner sanctity Change now for the truth no one can rescind Let it be....for truth is beauty.

Loreta C Bande


Truth is Beauty

Peace within ourselves Is manifested as serenity.

That serene countenance. It glows, so much attracts.

As it springs from within A certain lightness of being.

Having truth, free from transgressions That weighs down.

Therefore, let it be Truth is beauty. © Mildred DJ Par


The beauty of original

Let it be Truth is beauty You don't like being a copy You like being an original And express the way you want to Without any constraint. Truth is beauty I will rather see a simple drawing of a child Than a big work of art Plagiarized by someone.

©Bogdana Găgeanu Romania


Let it be sincerity is a gem

Verity is radiant

Honesty is being human

Genuineness is the charm

Accuracy is the hardest

Validity is the god's truth

And that truth is beauty!!! © Sonal Rao


Let it be Truth is beauty

Though the book so colourful the cover be not deceived The outward groom that catches each turn of head the eyes melt a sigh May turn your day into everlasting rivers of tears of mourning Beauty steals but kills if it's just for to catch and capture your heart for a day When all warmth and unstoppable emotions settle at the bottom The true colours emerges from the core leaves you a slave forever Dumps you into the dust of a trap set by self A heart of compassion embraced with God's agape love is the heart Though may not be attractive outwardly it's worth to live a life with such For true love comes from the core ©Jaynobo Jaymes Papua New Guinea


Let it be Truth is beauty

Awakened self, preeminence Light is our cosmic essence.

Walking through razor's edge ire Passing through life's crucible of fire.

Truth has greater calling Freedom greatest gift's flowing

To walk in Individualized Reality Transfigured miracles of Universality

Through the labyrinth in serenity Quantum shift Jewel of Divinity.

© Denia Claret


Let It Be... Truth is Beauty

Truth is real beauty, a reality! Undefiled by human opinions Untouched by society's directions. Let it be, Truth, unparalleled magic That sets all in wonder, is strategic.

Truth can't remain hidden, soon it opens. Let Truth be our sole foundation, We'll never go wrong, our resolution.

Truth doesn't fade, can't wash away Truth doesn't crumble like castles of sand at bay.

© Feliz Ruiz


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