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Held on January 11th, it was a Free Day, Free Verse, applying Word of the Week: Kith into their poetry, and four poets were chosen.


Although we aren't close to each other At our beautiful platform, we became Kith and kin by the heart of our poems, Flowing beautifully from our quill With a shade of love and an amazing tint Of respect for each other

There are many hues in each one's splendid country With a radiant culture combined with traditions! But we share a prepossessing haven in this world, Where captivating creations are built from each one! Isn't this a cheerful reserve of poets and poetesses?

© Sonal Rao


Kith Repro Timelapse Show Kith is delighted pleasure stigmatically forces come People are rude and nobody wants to help all of us especially me But I must be okay I need to feel solidarity It will be all okay soon And we will escape from hell because it's better for me to be abnormally disrupted! © Amb Maid Čorbić


KITH Doesn't "Kith" form a refuge of hope, on the edge of a precipice at the end of a ropeless slope...? An answer to unspoken calls; With and amid four walls? Or a certitude in the vastness of Universe? A thought encouraging to tired and mired; Hired and fired? A warm Encasing to Wounds cold; Fresh and old? A Reciprocity of Curves that we call smiles in all "Whiles"? A Swooping and Hoisting on a perch high:

To afford that Vista called "We Human" © Raies Ahmad


When my heart breaks off of pain, And I feel like it's no longer mine, All the world seems senseless and useless, Of a sudden, you alight and sing a song, Your cloying call pastes a patch over me, And I wonder who you're, if not my kith. © Irfan Khan Iffi

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