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Khursheed Ahmad Wani Feature


Khursheed Ahmad Wani, hails from Kashmir, India, a teacher by profession, co-author and columnist, is quite diligent and devoted to his work. He is the author of 'The Seraphic Garland', a poetry book and recently published on March 23, 2023 by Bluerose Publishers. Not only is Khursheed Ahmad Wani a passionate writer, he is a voracious reader and his poetry expresses the pangs and joys in prose as well as in verse form.


Author Khursheed Ahmad Wani's book, 'The Seraphic Garland', is brimming with poems steeped in dashed hopes, perspicacity and feelings. This book will have you immersed in selfless verses, creating a sweetness as well as sadness in your heart. 'The Seraphic Garland' is versified in content of nature and its elements, love, mental anguish and spending time with adored friends. 'The Seraphic Garland' is a priceless treasure trove in events of the entire life of the poet, enlightening the minds while embracing and reading, you will certainly sink into solitude, swing into happiness, smile with expressions of beaming delight while getting lost in the beautiful content of the author's poetry. The poet versifies his emotions and imaginations in a captivating manner with proper diction, which one who reads, can expect at the same time, while embracing . Certainly, readers will be absorbed, wishing to submerge into this book, repeatedly, consuming a dispersion of the author's ambrosial compositions and highly expressive content, the essence of what he conveys, you will assuredly be construed and find most meaningful.

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