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In its ridges, lies the clues The world is folded into ripples of pain and joy It appears that sadness and happiness are poured in equal amounts Sprinkled all over the contours of life Sorrow is left to flow in between the folds Like a deluge of unhappiness, it reaches every heart and stretches from one corner of life to another Like a gigantic sail, the world is a canvas of mystery On which our laughter and joy are painted And our tears are spread for all to see I cannot claim to know what is beneath the tabernacle of being Except to say Silence Silence is the master of life, it holds it in place Giving it meaning and purpose Silence is the sacred liquid on which we exist Like a womb, it's a tomb A place where we dream of things unknown Like a flame, silence is a torch that guides us back to ourselves It is not necessary to understand the language of mystery It is of utmost importance to submerge yourself in Silence It is the ultimate obedience The open declaration of peace Silence is not a melody, it's a method of life It does not break under the heat of the sun Or freeze under the spell of winter Silence is the ultimate state of body, mind and soul It encapsulates all that we are It envelopes the substance of our being Giving meaning to the poem within Silence is a powerful remedy Take it in small amounts, and be cleansed of all your desires Take it in big amounts and be freed to roam the realms of mystery. © KENNETH MASWABI


DRINKING FROM THIS CUP Poetry is an ever flowing cup of abundance Drinking from this cup is not only a sacred experience It's a sacrifice of one's selfishness To receive an open source of selflessness Poetry does not teach effortlessness It uncovers the field of abundance and purposefulness And makes you a part of it Consciousness is not a dream It is the edge of the dream that has found its funnel We are this fountain that opens the door of mystery We are the cup full of the unknown But we need to recover our long lost sense of awareness A realm far more beautiful than our present circumstances Poetry is a divine world of Light Every word spoken is a beautiful spacecraft That brings a load of pleasantries from the furthest corners of consciousness It is not possible to be a Poet Unless one is a post of mystery Do not look at me with wonder Be the wonderful moment that poetry can draw inspiration from Drinking from this cup is not for the academically attuned It is for those who have liberated themselves From the clutches of the classroom It is for the absentminded, seekers, dreamers, lovers...etc., Those who found the nest of Silence outside the perimeter of logic Poetry is a pure form of knowing It is the ultimate gift from the Creator's studio And every aspect of it is divine Drinking from the cup is priceless. © KENNETH MASWABI


KINDNESS Kind people are a rare breed It's like they are freshly baked out of the oven of heaven They have a heart made of Light It's not the heat of the moment that drives them It's the inner knowing illuminating their path They are always submerged in wisdom They know what is right even when it's dark They are not overwhelmed by the contents of life Choosing to showcase the attributes of the Divine Kind people are urgently needed in this world to teach us the ways of the Spirit to give us the lesson of Love Kindness and humility are twin flames Ignited by the sacred fire of unconditional Love Let's all learn to be kind It is a skill that opens the door of mysteries Giving you a glimpse into the upper realms of consciousness Liberating and freeing your soul to roam past the perimeter of the self

into the dimensionless realm, the abode of God. © KENNETH MASWABI



Life's tuberosity attaches lots of loos ligaments Poetry is not a beautiful remedy Sometimes it's a touch fibrous rope that is used to hold life's torn ligaments together Other times it's a bowl to allow life's tears to flow Poetry is not a magical remedy for all ailments It is a versatile portion applied to all the different facts of life Not only as a lubricant but as a paste to hold together falling pieces of life's broken appendages. Poetry is not an ugly plaster to hold the fractured bony fragments of life It is a cast that not only adds beauty to the process of healing, it also injects a myriad of colors to the substance of being Poetry is a pure nectar that is used to alleviate the painful venomous stings of life Soothing as well as erasing all senses of hopelessness Poetry is a clean piece of cloth used to wipe away the brutality of life's pain from our psyche Poetry a sense of hope and a syringe full of sorrow Use it with care, do not apply it recklessly to your heart Sip, spray or use it to wash your face Let your body, mind and soul shine with the sacred Light Let the poetic spirit be the atmosphere in which you breathe It is rich in all the essential elements of life © KENNETH MASWABI


WRITING POETRY UNDER THE LIGHT The sacred Light is a place of higher consciousness Writing poetry under this light is a humbling experience But then the Sacred Light is the source of humility, gentleness, peace, hope, compassion, happiness and all other beautiful attributes It is imperative to seek for this light in your life Learn to embrace the spark of awareness It is the most beautiful moment It is the most satisfying moment It is the purest form of knowing It is the bastion of hope, faith and love Writing under the sacred Light is a blessing A beautiful sacrament to the Creator It is a joy to be a vessel for the pen of God to materialize and flow The spark of awareness needs pure Silence of body, mind and soul It is short-lived but more precious than everything in the world of materialism You have to discern the moment Let your spirit drink from the river of divine inspiration Let the moment of awareness be captured with all its attributes This is spirit Poetry, the art of writing poetry under the sacred Light © KENNETH MASWABI

KENNETH MASWABI has been chosen as "Poet of the Week" on various occasions from our ILA Magazine's Facebook Group and rather just publish his work separately, we chose to feature his poetry together. He has been chosen in 2023 as Poet of the Week (January 22 - 28), (March 5 - 11th), (April 23-29th), (July 23 - 29th) and (July 30 - August 5th).

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