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Inked Harmony: A Collaborative Duet


Twilight lives constant

in my mind.

My eyes fight to fix

in ether's haze

as each shifting wind

feeds water to fire,

splashing opalescence across

an obscure horizon.

I tread the line between

visceral dread

and tangible truths;

both terror and invigoration,

each intrinsic to the other.

A blinding clarity stays me

to feast frantically

on this ineffable beauty,

mocking time's propensity

to pass empty

with each wasted moment

© Nicole Surginer

Oil Painting above by Carl Scharwath


Nicole Surginer is a poet from Lockhart, Texas, who attained much influence in her writing style through many exemplary poets of the 1800's. She enjoys experimenting with symbolism, contrast and ekphrastic styles of writing though much of her writing reflects more of a personal creative style rather than belonging to any specific genre. More than anything, writing poetry is a passion of her's and with each writing she seeks to express beauty and create an experience that provokes thought and causes the reader to feel.


Carl Scharwath has appeared globally with 175+ journals, selecting his writing or art. Carl has published three poetry books and four photography books. He was nominated for three 'The Best of the Net' Awards (2021-23) and two different 'Pushcart Nominations' for poetry and a short story.

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