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Infectious Human, Infected Earth

"Dedicated to the greediness and ignorance of man and the silence of earth." © Written by Peshawa Kakayi Translated by Daliya Raouf

In Wuhan, they spat, it didn't become a cotton candy melting in a mouth; It fixed itself to the ground, they sent us on a vacation like a dead guest. The mind became the mouse, A cough, from the tunnel of the throat Races to the blood, brings out the inner peace to the face. Can't you see, the winter snuffles Shivers And coughs Behold! The floccus clouds come out from his chest. Can't you see the man has become gaunt? And the spring has become deaf as well, it doesn't care, if the greenery or the green forest... Rise to the sky. Man likes collusion, he sends his brother to death just for producing and spreading drugs. Can't you see the summer's dry and sore throat? It sweats like a sinner in the church With a raging fever It loses its temper and doesn't know how to think of itself. Can't you see the autumn is swollen? It makes a mask from a leaf, To keep itself away from the human pandemic and the earth doesn't become infected. Can't you see? The earth puts on an oxygen mask mercury and others keep the distance, not to catch the human pandemic; In front of the sun, they pray for the earth, to get out of the situation and leave the hospital. Earth, is holding a seven mm bladder stone that can't pass on its own. It suffers, and doesn't know how to get out of the Milky Way. *** In Asia, coughing! Of earth Tears up the chest of the sky, It makes the clouds have sputum; The shooting star streaks across the sky like a pandemic: It pretends that the sun has fever and the moon is showing symptoms on the night of the full moon. What I have to do with the U.S-China dialogue, damn it! A cop comes out from nowhere and asks me to wear a mask, why I don't wear one. My penalty is the amount of money; I tell him, to remove his inner mask, show your true color. This pandemic became a tradition. Can't you see its roots grow deep into the ground, We will die, without immortality We ought to change things for the better So you will appear more distinctly on the earth. *** In Africa, everything is about to stop smiling and Every big lip is about to wilt. It holds your legs and doesn't let you move. It makes places lost and makes time to go astray, It has no idea how to make you squirm. On the other side, God is racing on lips Just like a word He wants to come out, You make way for it in the language So that your fear crouches inside the thoughts. Prayer becomes a woodpecker Contemplation loses patience What a pandemic! It can hide a thousand words in the tongue, The idea, has a surge then paralysis. The crow vomits. The black, goes darker. It is the era of worms' famine. It doesn't even make time for decomposition;

Death is so crowded that it can't search for its solitude. *** In Europe, Fear lays in the hearts as if an aggressive rooster attacked it. Whiteness, turns into blue and purple An elder says Alas! Just in four verses, the future is silenced. An old woman, is the last memory of a sparrow To narrate its tale on a kernel of wheat. Just for once, Make a greedy man lose the sense of smell and taste.

Nature spontaneously changes itself.

So the greediness of humans comes to an end, It brings the nits out of the long hair of rivers, Gets rid of dandruff in the air, And kills lice in the mustache of the husky man, Agilely, the flea in the stockyard of capitalists jumps and throws itself: So they lose consciousness and can't escape While the fleas track their way. Look at those plains, mountains, and hills... At the Vienna heights The sun, appears on the horizon Like an old man with low vision eyes Holding the shoulder of a mountain, To climb crags. A shepherd dreams about Nietzsche, And says: wake up Nietzsche! Wake up! It had been too long since human was a living machine. When he wakes up, He didn't care about dreams and the epidemic of this world Surrounded by sheep, He makes a mask from his flute and plays a melody. *** In America It's a day of the wind, it eats grass It's the day of the soul, it throws the wind It's massaging the stone, in the entity It's cultivating the entity, in the water This pandemic is a soul catcher globe thistle;

How in our small home (earth), It pierces darkness and lightning It is dull, it consumes water and fire. *** In the ocean, You feel The night is planting the seeds, stars begin to germinate. The forest can brush its hair better, The giraffe can see better and It can be heard better. The sun like a red balloon can see the earth with clarity. The cold of earth opens its mouth and makes man talk The earth gives birth to the water. *** In Antarctica We are the philosophers within books, Who couldn't care less about the rise and fall of the tides? We are the flowers of the same garden, not the same abscission. We hear the wind howls, not the same place Catches the foot of a passenger and Leaves footprints; Earth, is the last memory of a man That can hold it tightly.

Excerpt from the book (Light and Darkness of Tugen and the Pocots).


Poetry Review of (Infectious Human, Infected Earth)

Reviewer: Marie J. Mond

Book author and poet, Peshawa Kakayi, successfully expresses his concern for humanity in the poem, 'Infectious Human, Infected Earth.' His free verse style filled with metaphors, poses a question to the reader. Is the Covid-19 pandemic an outward manifestation of the deeper universal problem of collusion and greed? Kakayi's inspiration is the historic year 2020, known for the Covid-19 pandemic. His strong warning to humanity is worthy of praise.

This powerful poem is about the spread of Covid-19. It takes the reader from Wuhan, the origin of the virus, to each continent of Earth. Descriptive words such as 'cough', 'spat', and 'blood' help the reader picture the active disease spreading globally. "Shooting star" like a sign in the horizon, refers to the infectious nature of the virus. Kakayi warns the reader and conveys well, the deeper message that humanity is sick with greed. It spreads like a virus throughout the body and is transmitted to others. My favorite line exemplifies this point, "Summer's dry and sore throat? It sweats like a sinner in the church..." After the major cities of the world experienced the Covid-19 lockdown, their underlying criminal element was exposed. Kakayi refers to the human condition as one in need of an escape. He writes metaphorically about the futility of Earth's leaving the Milky Way wondering if humanity can ever truly separate itself from crime. PESHAWA KAKAYI'S unique writing style takes the reader from a safe space to a journey around the world and through the galaxy. Similar to a doctor treating a Covid-19 patient with self-sacrificing care, Kakayi's interest in humanity is balanced with an understanding of human everyday circumstances. Infectious Human, Infected Earth, is definitely worth the read. © Marie J. Mond 12/3/2022


The Poet, Peshawa Kakayi, was born on 4/19/1984 in Qaladze, Kurdistan region of Iraq. He graduated from the Political Science Department of the University of Sulaimaniyah. He writes in many literary appendixes in Kurdistan. He owns eight books of poetry and writes poems in Kurdish. He has translated poetry into several languages. Below, are a list of his publications.

1. Residue of Breaths, Poetry Collection, 2008.

2. I am, I guard flowers, poems, 2011.

3- Garden- Your Love, Poetry, 2015.

4. From the house of aunt Khunche house, I went to Saeed's son-in-law. Open text. 2017

5. American letter with the flavor of poetry, Novel poem, 2018.

6. Africa and the earth with the flavor of poetry, poetry, prose, narration. 2018.

7. Cosmology, Poetry, 2019.

8. Rebuilding the light on the return of Zoroastrian Ahmed Mala. Investigation. 2020

9. Immortal path. Poem-Book. 2021

10. Poetic thought and language imagination, about poetry, 2021.

11. Ocean and Antarctica with the flavor of poetry, Open text-Novel poem, 2022

12. Through the Window, I Look at Nali’s Donkey, Poem-prose, 2022.

13. Shiraz letter for Fatana Khadmfars, Literature

14. Return of Africa, cover 1, 11 books, Novel poem

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