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I Miss My Gentle Mother

Bitter coffee mixes sweet taste gradually I remember an afternoon rain suddenly My mother never had a moment of serenity For children learning so she always worries The old bike from the past is always enough For her in many years carrying sincere love She never complained about making a living It is difficult to nurture children's studying Rough ivory hands of my beloved mother She gave to rain and sun for a lot of years The girl of Can Tho is sincere and charming Always keeps four good virtues in working Due to life, she's with my father side by side She is joyful to overcome vicissitude in life Loving my father and us with all her conscience My mom's hair gray to add more age to children Heavy rain on my mother's working way Dark night with no stars she never delays It is still in time for a warm home daily Joyful moments for a reunited family A grilled meat pot with five tasty spices How warm when it's rainy in a life! Mom listens to children laughing and joking She also gives words in the fun of advising "Keep standards, avoid home rules ruin as ever Worship ancestors and respect the superiors Keep home rules, the first is your character If home rules are stable, the future is better." Beyond the window, windy rain hasn't ended As my soul is remembering my mother indeed Mothership is a heavily deep and sacred love I recall my mom's advising words full enough © Hong Ngoc Chau Vietnam

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