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"Happy Dream"

A short story by JINATH REHANA MUNNI

This story is about the life of a little girl who wakes up in the morning light and grows up in a happy, unadulterated and gentle environment, the best in happy agility, first of all, in the fun of running adolescence. She spends her daily life on the playground and in school. Maar is happy to grow up in the shadows, growing up without her father. As soon as the sound of Fair Azan was heard, I woke up. Talking to the birds in the bond of friendship, Khushi's dear friends are the flowers, the birds, the nature of Bengal, the sky, the wind, the stars of the night and the moon, they are all good friends, feeling we have 'run out of gas' emotionally. She used to run around with her kite in the field with her friends, and also catch small fish with a towel in the water of a pond, keeping the whole neighborhood drunk all day long, reading poetry in her mind, keeping nature as a witness. How many things are written on the pages of the notebook with love, even in the short story of poetry, the mind is touched by the water droplets of wet dew. Finding on the pages of the book, the lost song of rainy days, rushing to the bank of the river Kashful in Autumn. Bored at noon, the sun shone on butterfly's wings. The grasshopper plays hide and seek with another grasshopper. Friends all together, keep the green field gnats of Bengal in the light rays of excitement. What a joy when the wind blows the mind! Whatever is lost, water lilies bloom in the lake at noon, Pankauri drowns and swims in the golden sun. How many seasons of fun, looting, running around and making paper boats. Birds call and you are happy that you are a heavy, evil golden bird. Who said that I am not a dove bird that is a flying bird like you. If I had wings, I would have become your friend. Don't give me a little melody. I would laugh and make noise in the free air of the morning. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortability. Nature smiles in the lap of a Bengali mother in so many variations of seasons. The sweet fruits of summer come to the mind with a sweet taste. The best juice filled with satisfaction, satisfies them. The sweet juice of mango and jackfruit brings water to the tongue. Ogo Bangla Janani, how can I forget you, the fire of your form fills my soul. Krishnacura smiles Champa Chameli Dule, Jhiri Jhiri is happy in the air and so on. How many fairies come flying from the a colorful raft, team up and take me away and touch the blue sky. In a funny fairyland, the flower and fruit garden calls with outstretched hands, I will give the mirror to Sonamani, I will give a kiss on the cheek, I will check with both hands. Tell me what you have in a hurry. Today your happy fair is in the sky, the invitation of the moon and stars is in your call. The red fairy goes down with the blue fairy at dusk. Nibunibu, in the afternoon light, it is time to go home, the house is glowing in twilight with the red sun hiding in both eyes. Mother will be very worried if she returns home late. Mother lit the house by lighting the copy, everyone came running home on the wind raft. I washed my hands and sat down at the table, remembering how happy I was. How much did I eat in the morning, how green is the house of Mod near the Pdma-Meghna, how beautiful is the small village of Mod. Maya Bath, at the festival, everyone, like everyone else, joins in the celebration of Navanna. Everybody listens to the song of the firefly in the darkness of the night. Decorating a basket of thoughts, what are you writing on the pages of the happy notebook? Today I am writing poems in rhyme. Chandmama listen or two, lines? How can I stay at home with my eyes wide open. Shravan Țară în Aadhaar Jhar. The fountain of light in the clouds, Pictures painted in color Moon stars sinking on the banks of the river. Mala Gathi in your mind Shapla Shaluk Bunolata Ogo is overwhelmed She is my Bengali mother. I have many dreams as I can draw on the pages of each notebook. I put the light of knowledge on my chest in the pages of the book in love, I want to be wise in your prayers. I lay on the pages of the book, giving the sleeping bird a break, and sat down with the story book, fascinated by the fascination. The sound of bamboo leaves ringing in my ears, I feel as if someone is watching me. Hiding in the base, I fell asleep at that moment, I am happy to be here. Because of your fear, I will watch over you all night long. Everyone calls you unlucky, you are upset, you are a fool, you are a fool, everyone in the world lives forever. Your father has not gone back to the land of return, he leaves you alone. Become a morning bird illuminated by life is adorned with colorful torches. Don't leave the persecution of want from the fence house of happy Basheer. Crying happily, keeping your head on the pillow, Dad, you are not with Mode. You are in heaven, Dad, you are very good, don't you remember us? You became a star and smiled with the touch of affection. As soon as you see your smile, your mind dances. Feels very helpless when no one is by our side. Still, I am walking alone with the desire to be very good, with your honesty. You always say, father, study with the mind, but Dad inspired you to grow up. it is very difficult to walk in the procession of honesty, when there are no shoes, there are no clothes, there is no money, there is no beautiful house, all is lost in emptiness, every day. The rain screams at the rice in the house, the top wakes up the forehead. And the rain doesn't make you happy. Get up and sit in a corner of the room, seeing your sorrow, my tears flowed with tears in my eyes. Please tell, what's the story of the big puppies. I will embrace you with the tent of my mind. I will not let you lose, from my chest, who says you have none? I am your friend, I have kept hundreds of hardships in my chest. Who will give me food? My mother works in the fields all day, and she joins us twice. Yet the day of trouble is not going away. Mother is always happy to say, just read and show who this world is. We too can burn the island, how many dreams we kill every day. I don't want expensive food, I don't want expensive clothes, I want to live with dignity. I want to walk in the procession of victory, how much hope plays in my chest. I want to know myself, I want to let everyone know, I have a beautiful mind, I also have a beautiful mind, I have thousands of poems in my soul, thousands of fairy tales, I want to write, I want to hold a pen, I want to live with my head held high like a brave soldier. I walk like wilderness from side to side. I want to know the words of wisdom, the words of an enlightened dawn. I am tired at the end of the day. I am also looking for happiness. I want to live in this world too because no one sees the salty tears in my eyes. I also want to decorate a beautiful life. I also do not want to write thousands of words with a pen. Will you listen. You are the craftsmen of the beautiful people of this world! I fought with myself, every morning. How to live beautifully? I want to write my name on the story page. I want to print all the writings of my love, on the pages of the book. I love to write. In the middle of writing, I am looking for he white feather of Gangchil. I have sent a call to the blue of the sky at the call of an autumn, a beautiful bird of dawn will call over my yard. With the churn of birds, the morning breeze wakes me up in the middle of my broken rice.

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