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Bloom of joy suddenly got lost,

I hardly hear those smiles anymore,

The city roars destitute in its wake

Wailing here, sorrow there.

Visions suddenly crumbled in a fortnight,

Separation occuring amidst strong bond

Every gentle soul clamouring for a fitting answer

To appease this walking disaster monster,

The monster of no pity and care

The monster called war!

But here is the answer we seek,

Yes, the antagonistic cure to the red-eye war.

Give to it peace and resolution -

Render to it peace for a lasting joy,

With peace war becomes vanquish

For I desire to hear those smile again,

To see each cities flourishing in their glory once more,

Free frrom sorrow and mourning of grief.

Give peace to war,

For the world anticipate its bloom one more time!!

(c) Solomon Ayomide Julius

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