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Genre: Transcreate Poetry

Updated: Jun 20

"A Portrait of a Degree Boy" Translated from डिग्री माइला,



Whether it's in a roadmap of a world or in a drop or a lazy writer whose incomplete sentence by crossing a mark of identity or it's just like a seed of cucumber when viewed through a glass slab or a moth chewing a tobacco leaf The things like numerous controversy famine & drought floods and landslide are the elements that destroy the perfume of identity But the people mandate of our country says that 'our country is the most beautiful country in the world' whereof the people of this land are shy of getting and expressing love They are afraid of living freely rather than living in a disgrace of disguise stupidity They think it's better to die rather than living This country has been left out by Buddha and buddhe This country has been sacrificed by Sita and Bhrikuti But the soul of the martyrs are roaming and foaming in their lost path And the govt. itself is carrying vistas and visa of Dv (Diversity Immigrant) In this beautiful country A degree boy named Dilliram Bhujel is born in a proactive manner of coincidence. Just like A Mt. Everest Urf A Sagarmatha was born after the first great depression of cretaceous Highest mountain peak is called Mt. Everest But in a depression of its axis it carries a load of thousands foot in its private head Then what is the value of its elevation A degree boy is burning and shadowed from inside Like a snake is shadowed by a rustic eagle Than what is the meaning of his conscience In this acre land of exasperation a jewel has become a stone and a man has become a seeming degree boy. Translator: तिवारी बिपिन 

Sikkim, India

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