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The theme for our April 19th Prompt, we kept in honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2022). Though Earth Day should be celebrated every day (though more with environmentalists and other earth-conscious people), it is observed in April and the world theme this year was "Investing in our Planet." We asked poets to write a poem about earth, how can its wonderful elements be restored, how can natural resources be preserved before they become extinct and what does it mean and how does it affect them? What can humanity do to make a difference? Our hearts and souls were truly touched beyond measure, the entries submitted by all who had participated in our prompt were recognized with special recognition as well as Twelve Best Entries selected to be published here on the Blog.


"The High-tech Means"

Our reticent existence on earth Is replete with a bunch of cravings Our dearly loved persons are worth To be mourned for their love's saving. They stepped down into the great beyond', Leaving us forever, taking their last yawn. Some kinsmen have known an estrangement; Some amici have abandoned the arrangement. Beyond distances, on the surface of the screens, The worlds are forgathered via high-tech means. © Walid Boureghda


"This Fuming Earth"

Twirling her deliberate mist of a mix From her exhaust burns in rancorous duels, To quest this Serene azure Of Nature's tranquil magnanimity to man. Here is man's mundane cloud Soaring illegitimately as cursed; In a seemless self esteem of avarice... Scaring a fateful divinity of her locale. And up, up, up in her circlical circus She twirls her plageous spread Choking a purity With a verbose puff And inflated pomposity To flaunt a florescent of bloom That is naturally bestowed For sheer avarice! And the bestowed-blooming blools of the Earth Bewails this trepidation From a bloom to gloom As trepid And pallid; Pallor is the feat to survive; and Stunted is their wilting glare As man feigns a symbiosis With the ordained. Man himself a selfish casualty of his futile quest Bares the exacerbating brunts of his brutish bear. The spheres as stuffy; hurt at it They fume their effervescent effusion, The seas spouts their spills now, in Their wrath against man The Earth squeaks a tremor to quake, Gaping wide a gaping gorge Of anger...this mutating mystery of man's monstrous manifest; Instilling a mirage to be the preordained. © Kichime Philibus Elisha


"The Weeping Earth"

The earth was gifted to man as his habitat There are vast seas, oceans and rivers Where fish and marine resources thrive So man would be able to survive There were lush vegetations around Tall mountains and wide valleys Fresh air and gushes of wind Rains and sunshine the makes plants grow What a wonderful paradise as a prize But greed entered the hearts of some men They want earn more than they worked for Dynamite fishing became rampant Some people became negligent with their waste They dumped them on the ocean floor

Depriving fishes of their oxygen While quarrying eroded the mountains Forests have been denuded of valuable trees Now man is suffering from his greed There is flooding and uncontrolled erosion Man, what you have done to my planet? What will the future generation have? The planet earth is a gift to all of us So we must learn to love her for all ages. The resources of the earth have also its limitations Learn to conserve the forests, avoid too much quarrying Clean the waterways so the fishes can breathe. Man, you only have one habitat, and that is the EARTH.

© Dolores Lapinid


"SAVE GREEN PLANET" Save this green planet Protect beautiful earth For us and our posterity That is perpetual mirth Be eco-friendly Be environment friendly Caring for ozone layer Save the planet lovely Less pollution is The best solution That's the way out for Earth's protection Harness energy Save green energy Save water To produce hydro-energy Take care of water reserves Minerals we should preserve Water and energy We ought to conserve Save water, save world That's the slogan for future world Ocean, river, brook, rivulet That's our valuable asset Mountains and mines Stunningly reserves fine Observe "Earth Day", with spirit true New agenda we should construe !! © Subhashchandra B. Adhav India



Let's save our planet,

A bright future for every child,

Where they could grow happily,

To keep an eye on the swallow's flight,

To walk on earth fearless,

With optimism and no threats.

Let's keep our planet safe,

It is the only home of the whole world,

Where beautiful gardens are streched,

Dreams come true like fantasy spells.

Let's save our planet,

A butterfly's flight to a colorful flower,

A blue vault and water deep,

Flowery meadows; fragrant.

Let's keep our planet safe,

Since there is no other for us,

It represents life for all people,

Let's keep it as the air that is inhaled,

Because of everything that lives here,

and much more...

Let's save our planet,

Thus we will save ourselves, too.

Without it - other values are worthless.

Let's protect our planet,

The future of humanity; the world.

Everyone is equally entitled to it,

To keep it alive and call it a "mother".

Snežana Šolkotović


A brighter tomorrow

Mother nature embrace us with nature's best each new day. The sunshine and rain the day and night the plants and animals . You and I placed on earth we have dominion over them s

o let's do what's best for them to live our lives longer on earth Stop the war, let's live as one big family. Control the winds of technology that's sweeping out land,

cutting trees and killing its inhabitants. Build parks and gardens, preserve flora and fauna,

preserve the sea life by controlling the ships that sail through the seas. Peace to the world and its inhabitants.

Stop destroying lives for greed and pride.

We will soon see all that God has given us lost in civilization. Plant a tree today. Place in the bin plastics and all.

Do not polute the sea. It starts with you and me for them to see. Jaynobo Jaymes


'Dormitory Waiting Shed'

Gamut Of Banyan And Peepul Tree

Is A Renaissance Of Being Together

In A Dormitory Waiting Shed

Where A Destitute Busy Voyager Rest In Peace For A While

To Obscure The Plans Of Do's And Don'ts In A Thought.

And I As An Omnipresent Love Worshipper Silently Resides On A Date

To Worship The Company Of Everything Which Is For Me As A Beholder To Hold.

Everything Anything That Is In The Dormitory Waiting Shed. © (Bipin Tiwari)

बिपिन तिवारी

सिक्किम भारत



From this telestial perch,I stare at the firmament The celestial umbrella with many compounds in conferment In the day,its face opens the mouth,to shine the sun Illuminating the earth , creating a panoramic sight of bucolic landscape The sky drenches the sunny ethereal, impregnate cloud with a son And the crisp autumn wind whips the light away for the dusk,as they escape To announce the coming of the moon,the queen and its attendants,the stars

The innocent moon sweeps the sky , packing the cloud to a hide And the twinkling stars peep smilingly at the captivating cloud to deride The scarf trees on the Amazon resonate the silent music sing by the stars Sparkling the splendid luminary , radiating the Terra in a dazzling beamy pars The night insects chirp, singing the moon to send more attendants That missile the sky with stunning sparkling light, glistening so chilly In a blooming meadow, inhabiting games in their freelage and flowery Lilly

The towering Iroko tree announces the verdant forest With flowery vegetations, lushing the earth in a wooing etherealed fest And the brisk forest fountains its misty dew with seasoning spring Announcing Winter to summer the autumn, for decidous trees'leaves parting To clothe the naked wilderness with pristine spectacularly flowery look,sun drenched In every idyllic corner of landspace ,opens to flirting with its tongue frenched

The Almighty's vicegerals ,lord over all on Earth Taming the refractory creatures to their domisticsted berth Even the celestial hosts, function to satisfy human The lunar light, lamps the night for man's pleasured lire As the stars guide and direct all many to their desires And the sun shines and rains to sprout our vegetations The Earth is a mat ,playing host to all in its habitations And the heavens shade us as an umbrella upon our heads Painting its eyebrow under the tutelage of the glowing rainbows in the sky like beads.

The synergies of nature is a beauty working for human comfort A precept to all human races to exist in one complementary fort.

© Ikwulono Mohammed Senison


Earth: Save me

No religion for me ********* I follow you No religion for me only the religion to see where humans live together no animals to be for even animals are soft wild as they are made to be in their greed perturbed no hate in it to see preserving their life safe in environments that see no heinous crimes no rapes in it to flee devouring the hate that lives in it to be the hate of the world in it to see to extinguish life in it to blow in it to Free like the animals lets set ourselves free for they only kill for hunger no power games to play in their hunger to tame even the deer’s in their love not prey satisfied in an existence Happy in it to be life am I better than the animals I see I learn from thee Do they pray to God I wonder as I look at them playing so free in a terrain guarding their environment with such glee In my Nature it’s God to see for in him I pray to respect him to be the natural me in his nature to see me as the sun goes down settling for the night looking for a prey praying to me God let me be in your nature I see me in every human to see your love for me in their love I turn don’t destroy the environment if you really profess your love in your God to say “God love me”

Copyright @ Nutan Sarawagi Inspired by Pramila Khadun


Yes, I'll not hear the nightingale!

You have denuded me, and robbed me Of my jewellery green; the flourishing Flora is shrinking in space, and Dense forests are vanishing fast;

You have contaminated my water sources, By polluting them with harmful trash, And drawn from ample surface reservoirs, Every drop of water; how can I Quench the thirst of teeming millions, Nestled into my cozy lap;

You have caused the emissions of poisonous Gases, badly affecting the pure air; You are the culprit, you are the victim, Nobody can help you in this universe;

You have invented plastic, and my bosom Is littered with plastic waste; even The deep seas are facing the calamity, As flora and fauna find it difficult To breathe and survive in Their beautiful and enchanting world;

Wake up from your narcissistic slumber, You are inviting your own doom; There is lot to do to save Yourself, and me too-O, human! I'm your Mother Earth, wailing in distress For long, and waiting for redemption Of your solemn pledge to save the earth, And to save humanity from extinction.

© Rakesh Chandra.



Earth is not just a planet, it's our life-giving 'Mother Earth', Mother Earth has given us food, water, clean air, and many natural resources. We will always be indebted to Mother Earth who nurtured us and carried our burdens, Let's pledge to protect Mother Earth and its precious natural wealth.

Let's promote plantation and reforestation on a large scale to keep the earth beautiful and green, Maintain ecological balance to protect fauna and flora. To keep seas and rivers pollution free, don't throw garbage and dead residue into them, To prevent all types of pollution, put more emphasis on pollution control.

Always promote reduce, reuse and recycle concepts, Reduce consumption of fossil fuels, such as coal and petroleum. Reduce excess emissions of carbon dioxide to prevent the rise in temperature, Reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers in the fields to reduce nitrous oxide emissions.

Prevent toxic gases from industries to keep the atmosphere pure, We must promote sustainable development to meet human needs and protect the environment. Let's keep the air clean and let all living beings breathe in pure air, Let's save Mother Earth together and spread happiness everywhere.

©Deepti Shakya



Time to act

Mother earth is fed up with the sapiens She won't plead anymore to the patrons It's time to understand and comprehend If we want to breathe and live healthy The need of the hour is to plant trees.

Our duty is to save earth, save water, save soil for progeny If we want to survive and thrive Abide with the law of sutainability Invest our time for mother earth Pamper her with the love she deserves.

Sow a seed of happiness today by planting saplings Let thy offsprings reap the fruits of benefits Drape the barren soul with robes of greenery Reap sumptuous wealth, return to her the treasure of prosperity.

©Anjana Prasad

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