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Featured Poetry of Sabyasachi Nazrul


RICE IN STOMACH The sun is sweating profusely today I'm gasping for breath. I bought pineapple paste this simmer I will eat what? Empty pocket does without money. I work hard day and night, If you get money for work, You will get rice in your Stomach.


CHILDHOOD... Childhood just play if I do, brothers; Education if big There is no way to survive. Childhood Let's play does not go to school; Rural fairs having fun everyone ran in groups Childhood Cut to the chase Smiles happily; Oh, yes happiness What's happiness that are colorful garlands. Income, however you barely have many moons are there; Read on hurry up and time is not wasted.


THE OLD WOMAN OF WINTER IS BEATING Dew, dew on the grass like pearls, Autumn tomorrow red morning fills the mind. The farmers in the field Aman is cutting paddy. The rick husks will barely fill happiness comes, Famers family today abundant I hear the voice of birds Tune like honey The old woman of winter is beating The frost sits in the air, Bengalis are mad today for Pithapuli juice


GUEST BIRDS The dreamy wings floated with joy Birds come to the land of gold. In Jahangirnagar, Hakaluki Char The guest bird's fly with great joy. In that Sonadia, Baikka is in Tangua They barely dance and sing Singing at the arrival of guest birds, A shiver awakens in the soul of Bengali. The water of the river is flowing Let's just see the guest birds.


TWENTY-ONE IS MINE Twenty-one is the pride of the people of my state language country. Twenty-one who crammed my bow is short. Twenty-one bloody months on my brothers body, Twenty-one is a cruel history in the world. Twenty-one mourns the loss of a son in mother's arms, Twenty-one verses written in my father's tears. Twenty-one is the first flower of my freedom, Twenty-one is a sweet word for mother in my baby's mouth.


VICTORY MEANS... Victory means the smile of a smiling baby. Victory means drowning of growing up. Victory means the suet of blood flag red-green. Victory means a melodious melody in a bird's voice. Victory means breaking the shackles of subjation. Victory means the soul of the sovereign country.



Sabyashachi Nazrul, H.A., Health Technologist, Poet, Writer, Rhymer, Storyteller, Script Writer, Presenter. Auditor and Publishers: Krittinasar Kritti President: Mosura Govt. Primary School Bangladesh Co-ordinators: Bangabuandhu Foundation USA Founder & President: Sapno Uran Sahitya Parishad, Nazia-Momtaz Banshai Centre Member: Nattotrittho Books: Sapno Uran, Eakiti Tarjonir Ishara, Krittinasar Kritti and 25+ Plus joint poetry books Awards and Honors: Mitali Multimedia Best Actors (2017), Model Media Acting Award (2018), BKS Best Poet (2016-17) Mouchak Sahitya Parishad Best Poet (2017)

Jugerbartta Best 10 Storytellers (2017-18) Bangladesh Kobi Sova Writer Honors (2018) ASMA Begum Foundation Honors (2020) The One Honors, Amader Gaan Kabita & Golpo-Kotha Best Poet and Convener Honors (2018) Gangchil Honors Muslim Sahitay Parishad Honors and 30+ Plus Presenting Honors


Photo of poet Sabyasachi Nazrul (below)

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