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Feature of Shenni Waldron

Recently, two of Shenni's poems were picked as "Best Entries", so we thought to feature her, here on ILA and publish her poetry. Her first poem was picked from the Prompt Challenge held on April 2nd, 2022 and theme for the prompt was "Gazing at Moon From the Balcony". Her second poem was picked from the last prompt challenge, held on April 27th, 2022, the theme: "Let it Be - Truth is Beauty".


"Gazing at the Moon From the Balcony" Waves ferociously pound the shore as the balmy breeze wraps its arms around me I sit on the balcony of my beach house alone, contemplating life and all its trials and tribulations. Twilight encroaches on the glorious sunset and tucks it under its wings for another day as cotton candy type clouds spread across the night sky. The night sky beckons the eyes to feast upon its beauty. Stars emerge and twinkle as the shy half moon, peaks from the clouds. Ah, such a picturesque scene. Nocturnal birds screech and trill, making their presence known as they compete with the rhythmic pounding of the waves. I see the shadows of the palm trees as I deeply inhale the salty air. Ah, how I needed this return to the beach house. The serenity, the beauty, the tranquility to settle my overthinking mind. I succumb to sleep, somehow knowing all shall be well. Ah, Mother Nature, you soothe my soul. © Shenni Waldron


"Let it Be Truth is Beauty"

Beauty is not the outer shell adorned with prettiness, the pouty lips, complexion, color of hair and eyes. It's not the face that shows pure beauty but what's within the soul, the heart, the mind, actions, words and deeds. A pure heart, pure intentions, actions, loyalty, compassion, sincerity and empathy is what makes the inner core of a person beautiful on the outside. Thus, the pure hearted, with true smile, no agenda but honesty, kindness, truthfulness and loyalty will always shine through. Oh yes, truth is beauty unequaled... © Shenni Waldron

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