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Feature of Richard De Leon

Recently, Richard was chosen as "Best Entry" from an April Themed Prompt Challenge: "Journey Through Imagination" and an "Anything Friday" offering held on May 6th, 2022 on our ILA Magazine Facebook Group.


"A Journey With Purpose"

Knowing your purpose where will grow Traveling the road to see where to stow To fill moments of things with better flow Thinking path and direction will follow Blowing of winds sometimes makes one hide Fears of losing on stride lead to glide Rules of control have taken to abide Keep the journey steps to a smoother ride Don't trust on luck to where you sail Keep your feet stationed on a good trail Success may come, given to hail An abundant hope may stop the fail Never reside on sorrow of dismay Let smiles dwell on beauty's display Walk with determination of huge pray Keep heart on winning and not astray On journeys, defeat may teach one expressions And everything is given all for good reason Understanding things brought into seasons Keeping mind in focus of sheer lessons. © Richard De Leon


"Giving Comfort Without Expectations" Do not be mad! Be like a tree giving comfort without expectation. Be like the sky opened for the whole of humanity, sharing the vast space for us to be inspired. Life would be easy without heartache and limit self for expectations. Keep doing without expecting others to give and return. Sometimes, people never have worth, never recognize the presence, affirming to our recognitions, never appreciating the love we give. In other words, we are judged, despised, rejected, betrays and compared which devastates our spirit and weakens our determination to prove our abilities to share the beauty within. Expectations drive our energy to empower and motivate ourselves to be better, but it's not good when we expect more than we do. Expectations also challenges our inner spirits to work and share the best effort, searching strategies and actions to prove our value and keep good works to achieve fulfillment. Moreover, expectations boost our capabilities to determine the kindness to give our time, effort, the resources and the assets we have to give. On the other hand, as quote to us, expectation is the root of heartache and truly may hurt when some people always expect others to bring back what they have done. Imagine the sacrifices you have invested. It keeps each individual to be better in their place, observing better in their own way of life and having no gratitude to give respect. When you give, it must be committed and abound with love. Never deal to give in return. The joy of giving is happy living and souls can feel truest happiness. © Richard De Leon Philippines

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