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When everybody was in ploy of life Ecstasy was the elegance of life Tipsy the world was, acquiring progress Insatiable mankind seemed, becoming vigorous When nowhere present, the awe of God Forgotten everybody, the devotion of Lord. Turning now wrathful, was His expediency Lo behold! Life seemed in perplexity Quasi, a tiny particles lovely over-flooding Omitting dire consequences, keeps on devastating God's wrath, be it or capitalistic manipulation We are but guilty of this devastation Obliterating us, Covid 19 will fall Optimistic we are, fighting in all Your emergence justifies your retraction But you will leave a lot of exhortation.

© Abass Lone


"Dear Innocent Soul" O' Half frozen - half sunshine, half - dead - half alive bud: Why do you seem so sad today?

Perhaps exhausted, witnessing yourself break? Happens! Yeah, who said the journey of life would be so easy. Sometimes Life seems so unfair. There is no reset button in life. But hey, I still know you would make it worth it. Some chapters of life are surely sad, but if you never turn

the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds. Remember, worst experiences teach the best lessons. © Abass Lone


Why are you not free? Why do you come with lots of terms and conditions? Why do you want so much sacrifice? Why is your worth only felt when you are lost? Hey you, the free man. "Break the invisible shackles Escape from the illusion. Don't get imprisoned by thoughts. Spread your wings of love. Just seek the existential freedom."

© Abass Lone


LIFE O! Life, who are you? Separated from consciousness Or then the amalgamation? Replied life, "Hey dear you" "I am"

In your goals and journeys to them In your joys and when devoid of them In your highs and lows In your friends and foes The wind that blows on your face The dew that you see on a rose Still, you miss to catch up sometimes It's fine to hurt sometimes. © Abass Lone


BIO Mohammad Abass Lone, also known as Abass Lone, from Handwara, Majored in Science and Mathematics. A simple being, writer of passion, trying to attain peace in the strokes of his pen.


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