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Farewell, My Inspirator

Farewell, My Inspirator I prowled her as a deer, Among the others there, She is a heartless hind, Asphodel is fair and kind, She is a flower of the earth, Her eyes gave me a birth. A piece of music is her face, Her name is a glad grace. As a soliloquist, I never talk, Just averting eyes with a look. "Hi, how are you?" I said in a soft whisper, "welcome, fine, you" She said as a melting butter. We send our looks with the wind, Recognize us within and outside, Her eyes when she smiles, As the morning sun shines. I loved her as Keats loved beauty, She is my pen, an ink in poetry. Love never fails, But in a glance, With painful patience, With faithful fountains, When you read these leaves, You spell my name with lips, As the earth kisses the bodies, I wished to make round trips. Never gain, but get pain, As a bird, I am slain. I k now you are unrancorous, You know I am unvolptuous, Fate is my executor, Farewell, farewell, my inspirator.

© Ahmad Yasir

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