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Ending Soon

© By Shabbir Jamnagerwalla Tanzania

Simplicity and pure tolerance is written freshly on the walls Of all the moments of our lives Hardened virtues are discovered under the burdens of unwritten cultures Yet beneath the waves of tumult and great difficulties The world is becoming crazier as the hours pass by Unimaginable episodes become live Cunningly camouflaged by greed and power Unspeakable faiths come to the fore Making our lives a great question mark to breathe The politicians have become untrustworthy And just dangerously greedy for power and wealth The new technologies become more bizarre With religion and faiths playing a disturbing role To play havoc with the poor souls of some citizens. And the wisest of the World say these are the signs for the World's ending soon And the Poets of the World hold together their inkly hands Sit down amicably upon the Crown of their thinking caps And beseech the World to pull up their brakes Against the pressures of cultural misuse and political wealth And think instead with understandable humane hearts Filled with the fragrance of love and care And bury forever the differences in their absurd thinking and visions.

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